Step 2


How to qualify as an Executive:


1. Submit your Letter of Intent (LOI) on the month you want to start your Executive qualification.


2. Beginning from your LOI month, accumulate 6000GSV within 6 months.*


3. Maintain a minimum of 100PSV and 1000GSV per month during your executive qualification period.


4. Enroll your personal ARO of a minimum of 50PSV or 1 month of supply of LifePak


* Subject to change



Once you become an Executive,


1. Upon completion of LOI, Executive must maintain a minimum of 100PSV and 2000GSV to be

    eligible for bonuses.


2. Executive must also maintain a personal ARO* to be eligible for bonuses.


3. Executive's 100 PSV counts to upline Executives.**


4. Executive is entitled to one Grace Month in every 12 months.


* Personal ARO is equivalent to minimum 50 PSV or 1 month LifePak.

**This rule is applicable to Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei/Indonesia Executives only.Subject to change.







* Extra EB of 5% is paid to all active Executives paid on the VOLUME Maximizer.

* Executive Bonus and Extra Executive Bonuses are not paid during a Grace Month.




* New Executives must attend LOI training during the Executive qualification period in order to

   participant in the Bonus Pool.

* Bonus will be paid to new Executive level accounts only.

* Executives must maintain in each month the requisite Executive volume in order to be continuously

   eligible for the Bonus Pool up to 6 months.


* Mechanics may change.