Privacy Policy


2.1 Collection of Personal Information

The Company is aware of and responsive to your concerns regarding how information about you is collected, used and shared as a result of your becoming a Distributor. The Company respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the privacy of Distributors. The Company collects from you and holds certain personal information about you in order to provide you with support, the benefits of being a Distributor, and communicating with you regarding (i) Products and promotional offers, (ii) your Distributorship and Downline Organizations, (iii) Bonuses, and (iv) other relevant business issues. All information submitted by you will be held by the Company at

its corporate headquarters in the United States, its regional headquarters, and/or its local affiliated companies in your Resident Country. You have the right to access and verify your personal information held by the Company by contacting the call center for your Resident Country.


2.2 Authorization to Use Your Personal Information

You authorize the Company to:

(a) transfer and disclose personal and/or confidential information, (a) which you have provided to the Company in connection with your Distributorship and Downline Organization, or (b) that has been developed as a result of your activity as a Distributor, to (i) its parent and affiliated companies wherever located, (ii) your upline Distributors when the Company determines it is appropriate, and (iii) applicable government agencies or regulatory bodies if required by law. You will have the option to block the transfer of certain information that may be provided to your upline Distributors.

(b) use your personal information for Distributor recognition and the Company’s Business Support Materials and Services unless you request in writing that the Company not to do so.

(c) use your personal information described above, and you further agree that any other disclosure of your personal information will be governed by Company’s Privacy Policy, as it may be published and modified from time to time.