Ryan & Rhea Gudani

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I was born and raised In Zamboanga City. Being a probinsyana (countrywoman), I was one of those few people from our area who dreamed big dreams! I had hopes of becoming a cosmetic surgeon, and that this would lead me to all of these dreams.


In 1998, I was 19 years old when my dreams and world suddenly crashed. I lost my mom in a tragedy, of which I almost lost my life as well, if only because of the fateful 5 seconds that my life was spared. The pain and trauma of losing my mom was excruciating. There was a certain point that I questioned God about His plans and purpose in my life. Why would He allow such to happen?


I was faced with a choice, either to be a victim of my circumstances or to be a victor. I asked myself, “Would I allow my circumstances to defeat me? Or would I move on and fulfill God’s purpose and plans for my life?” It wasn’t easy to be optimistic. But I believe life is what you make of it, making a choice is our greatest power to change the course of our life.


Through prayers and petition, the Nu Skin opportunity came, through my cousin JP Villegas who introduced to me this business. Since I was desperate to find every way possible to raise funds for medical school, and employment was never appealing to me because I have always wanted to be my own boss, I gave Nu Skin a chance and did the business for the meantime. Little did I know that, it would be the start of something big and my life would unfold before my very eyes.


In the first few months of doing the business, I fell deeply in love with the products. As I spent more time doing Nu Skin, I came to understand the power of leverage and the compensation plan. I realized, freedom is a real deal and a product of this business! I wanted to experience it at an early age, and I knew then that it wouldn’t happen had I pursued becoming a doctor. Moreover, I wanted my life to leave a mark on people’s lives, and I understood that I can be more useful and fruitful to my Master, Jesus Christ, through the Nu Skin opportunity compared to just being a practitioner.. It did not take long before I made Nu Skin my one and only ticket to a significant life.


In spite of having zero contacts in Manila, I was willing to deliver the hard work and what was expected from me in order to have the outcome I desired. I lived a temporary, non-negotiable life, I practiced saying “no” to the good things and “yes” to the best, even if the best would come much later. After years of perseverance, I became one of Nu Skin’s Blue Diamond Executives. It was a beautiful journey that brought out the best in me. Every challenge was orchestrated to make me the leader and person I am today. I learned to see the good in every adversity. Most people wish the absence of challenges in their business or life instead of praying for the presence of God. By His grace we are given the ability to withstand adversity and pass it with flying colors.


One of the highlights of my journey was when I met my husband through a business colleague. Ryan graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from De La Salle University and got his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Asian Institute of Management. After which, he landed a very promising career in investment banking with Morgan Stanley as the Office Manager of their company’s Philippine office. But seeing my Blue Diamond lifestyle made him reconsider the Nu Skin business model, that it could be more rewarding than his profession. After learning the fundamentals of the business, he went headstrong, committed and never regretted the decision ever since. Because of Nu Skin, Ryan was able to do the things that really mattered most to him, which is to spend all his precious time with our family, travel the world with our son and most especially serve the community through our church, Christ Commission Fellowship in Alabang.

Truly this business provided the best in all seasons of my life, from fending for myself, to experiencing the finest things in life, having our dream wedding, to being a helper to my husband, and now, becoming a full time mom so I can homeschool my son. But most importantly, this business enables us to accomplish our assignment, which is to lift the Lord’s banner and use our success to point others to our Master. The life we have now is truly what I have imagined and dreamed about.


Today as we celebrate another milestone in our journey, we want to dedicate this Team Elite success to our beloved team and business partners, and the entire Nu Skin Philippines. Nu Skin truly empowered us so we can empower others. It was because of all of you, that we are inspired to work harder and to set more aggressive goals. We are willing to make temporary sacrifices so we can build a success story that will give hope to every Filipino family—to live a life that is enriching, meaningful and purposeful. This to us is a difference, demonstrated life. 


To those who come to read our story: Fight for whatever you believe you deserve in this lifetime. The Nu Skin opportunity is the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself and the people you care most in your life. Life begins when you embark on this beautiful journey. Discover your full potential and the purpose you were created for.


At the end of it all, it’s not about us or all of this glitz and glamour. All of this comes from God alone. So to our Heavenly Father from whom all blessings flow, to Jesus Christ, the Son, the only way, truth and life and to the Holy Spirit who works miraculously in our lives, be all glory, power, honor, thanksgiving and praise, forever and ever. Amen.


*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or email us at 48hr_reply_phils@nuskin.com.


Million Dollar Circle Members are independent distributors who have earned over one-million US dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan please contact the company at (+632) 8687546 or go to www.nuskin.com.ph.


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