Pax and Gina Paculaba

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Pax & Gina Paculaba

“We truly believe now that dreams are indeed possible for everyone. As long as we are willing to dream big dreams and we have the courage to pursue them, then the sky is the limit."

Pax and Gina Paculaba

People often ask Pax and Gina what they did to get to where they are today. And every time, they would answer, “you have to know what you want, believe that you deserve it and work hard to get there.” Gina relates, “but when we give it more thought, we realized that we also have to discover what drives us and use it to move us forward, because very often the path towards achieving dreams is littered with obstacles that very often stop most people in their tracks.”
For them, traveling the world and spending time with their family constantly and strongly drives them to be successful. Because of their numerous travels in and out of the country, seeing new cities and learning from other cultures, their minds were opened to what was possible for them and their family. Through all these they realized how vast and wonderful life could be and they longed to have more.
On top of it all, their passion for having a family and being able to spend an infinite amount of time with their kid were important to them. Interestingly, it was also this commonality that attracted them to each other (Pax and Gina met in the business). Together, they wanted to design the ideal family environment where both of them are present in raising their children and most of all have ample quality time for their marriage. “Our core desires were clear to both of us, which is why we are successful today!”, Gina says.
However, it wasn’t always that way. As Gina recalls, “as I still remember how hard Pax worked in the corporate world for many years.  He was practically married to his job. Unfortunately, or I should say fortunately a nervous breakdown woke him up and reminded him why being a workaholic is not worth it. His passion for a loving and caring family strongly attracted him to the business. And thanks to the business, things changed for our family.”
Today, they are enjoying a lot of time with Christian, their son. Christian’s education from preschool to college has already been taken cared of. Since he loves books, they can give him all the books he wants and even have the time to read with him.
Through the business, anything and everything is now possible for the couple. Pax conveys, “The world is our catalogue ready for the taking. If we wished for a beautiful car, all we did was calculate what work was needed to be done, put our plan into action and poof, a new car! Such is the beauty of our Nu Skin business. We are the CEOs of our enterprise and we determine how fast, how huge, how global we want our business to be. Wonderful isn’t it!”
But what they are really proud of is that they know that everything they now know in fulfilling their goals can be learned by anybody. Their success can easily be duplicated by anyone who has the desire to achieve big dreams and work hard to get it. They know it is possible because prior to the business, they were just like everyone else (Pax had a great track record in his corporate career while Gina was a junior architect for a prestigious firm in Makati). Like most people, they were content with their simple lives until this wonderful possibility was introduced to them. Pax says, “if life was to be bigger, we learned that business was the way to go”. They absolutely had no background in business, they never sold anything in their lives before nor did they know how to make a profit, but they were clear and passionate about what they wanted. That is what held them through.
They were willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what they desired. They had the willingness to learn, to make mistakes, to change and be molded by their mentors and partners if that is what was necessary. They were willing to invest in themselves and in others, to share and be generous, to dive into the adventure of what the business brought them, to put others ahead of their success first and to be whatever it takes to be successful. They were willing to do all these for their desire to achieve their dreams for their family.
This is the promise of a lot of Blue Diamond Executives who shared their stories and experiences with them when they were just starting. They began with a powerful belief in that promise. Today, from their experience of success, they know that it is possible for anyone who dares to take full control of the outcome of their lives. For the couple, through this business, anyone can make their dreams come true. “We believed in the promise, we pursued it and here we are. You can too, that is our firm belief.”
Pax and Gina Paculaba

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