Adeline She

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Adeline She

“I'd rather work very hard in the Nu Skin Enterprises business for 5 years and enjoy 50 years of retirement than work equally hard as an employee for 50 years to have 5 years of retirement bliss.”

Adeline She

For someone who is only 23 years of age, Adeline She definitely has her young heart in the right place. That place, which so many people tend to neglect, is a place filled with gratitude. Being thankful for her accomplishments so far, the young leader requested that her success story start with thanks. "I would like to especially thank 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 2 Years Jasmine Hew and S.G. Lim for creating a wonderful environment to thrive in, my parents for their support, my direct uplines Team Elite 2 Years Joe Ong and Adeline Ng for bringing me into the business, and Team Elite 2 Years Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai for guiding my growth and success."

If anyone had a reason not to take up or even succeed in the Nu Skin Enterprises business opportunity, it would be Adeline. An Indonesia-born Chinese, Adeline studied fashion in Malaysia before going to Singapore to work as a fashion designer in 2005. She obtained her Singapore PR status a year into her employment when she met Joe and Adeline through the couple's prospecting efforts.

Her achievement is remarkable despite the odds that were truly stacked up high against her. "When I started this business, I only had the budget for two boxes of Galvanic Spa? Treatment Gels! And since I had only been in Singapore for a very short time, I had less than five friends whom I could approach and prospect," confessed Adeline. In fact, all of Adeline's current customers and downlines were initially strangers she got to know through her cold calling efforts. Taking instructions and guidance from her uplines, she followed Joe Ong and Adeline Ng closely in every aspect of building her business, from prospecting and making calls to closing sales. It was through her strong ability to duplicate her upline's success that she was able to shorten her learning curve and attain Blue Diamond status quickly. "Actually, I focus on my goal so I didn't really see the obstacles. I just believed and did wholeheartedly what my uplines told me to do!"

From a follower to a leader, Adeline is certainly destined for success. She now has her sights set on qualifying as Team Elite in time for the Baltic Cruise!

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