Me Commerce

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We're thrilled to be launching the Me Commerce beta, and excited to see how it can grow your business and become the social selling maven you know you're capable of becoming. Through Me Commerce you’ll be able to manage your social interactions, access marketing content, and much more!

As a member of the Beta, you'll be part of the team that helps finalise Me Commerce for the whole company, so we'll be looking for your feedback. We know you're the right person for the job.


What is Me Commerce?

Nu Skin’s brand new social selling platform, providing you with the tools you need to grow your business through social selling. Here's some of the functionality you can expect from Me Commerce:


  • Manage your social interactions all in one place.
  • Easy access to great marketing content
  • Send personalised offers to customers
  • In-depth analytics to help you maximise your social media posts


What does beta mean?

We're still working on Me Commerce and need to know which features and functions are working for you, and which still need attention before we release the platform to everyone. As a beta participant, you're volunteering your time to use the product and provide feedback. During the beta you may experience bugs or other issues, that's normal and part of the process. In exchange for your time and feedback you get to be the first to experience this incredible new tool.


What are the requirements to participate?

  • First of all, you have to be an Australian or New Zealand distributor
  • It’s important that you agree to use the tool as part of your day to day business
  • Complete the "tasks" located in the blue button on the bottom left of every page (Desktop version only) in Me Commerce
  • Tell us what works and what doesn’t using the "Feedback" button on the right side of every page in Me Commerce
  • Share your Success Stories


What login do I use to access Me Commerce?

To access Me Commerce simply use the same username and password you use for all other Nu Skin websites.


How long will the Me Commerce beta last?

The Me Commerce beta will last approximately 6-9 weeks.


How can I learn more about how to use Me Commerce?

The "Help" button found on the right side of each page (Desktop version only) within Me Commerce allows you to search through features and will walk you through completing the functionality of each.


How do I create and submit a Me Commerce success story?

You can be a part of the Me Commerce story by sharing your experience using the new platform. Simply use the button below to share your story and you might be featured in future Me Commerce marketing. Here’s some of the things you can include in these stories:


  • Tell us what you love about the new tool
  • How has it become an important part of building your business?
  • What successes have you seen as a result of these new tools?