Olga and Andrey Trofimovy

Olga and Andrey Trofimovy


Before joining Nu Skin, Olga and I were quite successful in our own business. I have worked for 17 years and Olga for 11 years in one of the best real estate companies in Russia. Only through hard work and persistence, we have managed to achieve a high level of prosperity. Not many in this business could manage to do the same.


“Working together as a team produced a synergistic effect!” – This is the motto of our family. We are dreaming, we are setting ambitious goals, we are following the plan for success, we are moving from one goal to another. Like a dry sponge, we soaked up new and interesting things! After 7 years of work, 4 best agents (including Olga) received a Millionaire status (the highest title in a real estate agency). I was working as a leader of the top team for 8 years. But in the standard business there is a certain limit for income. It is impossible to work 25 hours per day and I have encountered some sort of personal crisis as a worker, as a specialist and as a daily breeder.


Olga and I were searching for something I was unable to comprehend. Olga wanted to make her life more interesting and more colourful. With these thoughts in mind, we decided to attend the Nu Skin Expo on 16 September, 2013. On our way back home from the event, we were thinking about what we saw and experienced was just what we had been dreaming of all this time!


Yes, we are only at the beginning of our way up.

After a month and a half, we became Executives, after 2 months – Gold Executives, we created a customer base consisting of over 50 people, a group of like-minded people who were on different levels and in the qualification process.


Looking at our short period working with Nu Skin, we feel the desire to share our story and important priorities of us building our business.


1.       Leave your comfort zone;

2.       Have a dream, set clear goals and plan your business;

3.       Learn, learn and learn!

4.       Hear and listen to everyone and be positive;

5.       Duplicate and communicate only with those who want to hear and learn.


Why Nu Skin?

 It allows us to have additional, stable and unlimited income. To be in a team of successful leaders – Elena and Sergey Shulikovy who have created a true and advanced business organisation. We are also very grateful for Svetlana Mosalova, our upline.


We always wanted to create residual income, add new victory to old ones and become Team Elite Executives, to work in one of the fastest growing, most reliable international companies and to be self-sufficient and self-reliable.



Olga and Andrey Trofimovy


Gold Executives