ageLOC R-squared Pack (1 Box)

ageLOC R-Squared Pack
(1 Box)

ageLOC R-Squared Pack has been specifically designed to purify and restore cells during sleep and restore youth vitality and optimize energy production during the day, helping you to feel Renewed and Recharged.


ageLOC R-Squared Pack content:

  • ageLOC R-Squared Day 180caps
  • ageLOC R-Squared 60caps


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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • Promote healthy Youth Gene Clusters expression related to cellular purification and cellular energy production
    • Help you feel younger and more vibrant - renewed and recharged
    • Promote three dimensions of vitality that typically decline with age - physical vigor, mental acuity and sexual health
    • Raise and sustain baseline energy levels
    • Support the body's ability to neutralize and remove cellular waste and toxic byproducts
    • Help protect and fortify cells against damage from external toxins by improving the body's own protective mechanisms
    • Help restore normal cellular function

  • Directions For Use

    ageLOC R-Squared Day: Take 3-6 capsules daily after breakfast

    ageLOC R-Squared: Take 2 capsules daily after meal

  • Who Should Take ageLOC R-Squared Pack

    Men and women over the age of 18 who have ever felt tired, weighed down, sluggish or the inability to fully engage in an active life, and who want to feel youthful and vibrant.

  • FAQ

    Is ageLOC R-Squared Pack safe for long term use?


    ageLOC R-Squared Pack contains a blend of safe and well studied fruit and  phytonutrients and is suitable for all healthy adults when consumed as directed.  ageLOC R-Squared Pack targets purification and energy production at the cellular  level by resetting YGCs to a more youthful gene expression pattern. Because  ageLOC R-Squared Pack works with the cell's own purification and energy  production systems it is safe for long term use.


    Is ageLOC R-Squared Pack intended to replace the benefits of LifePak?


    ageLOC R-Squared Pack does not replace the benefits of LifePak. Although the  ability to reset YGCs is optimized in the presence of adequate nutrition, ageLOC  products function separately from LifePak products. For optimal YGC resetting and  nutritional benefits, LifePak is the best compliment products to ageLOC R-Squared Pack.