Nutriol Energizing Shampoo

Nutriol Energizing Shampoo 125ml

This advanced shampoo is formulated for use as a daily shampoo to enhance the vitality of your hair and scalp.

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Product Details

  • Product Claims
    • Promotes healthy, abundant hair.
    • Revitalizes and strengthens hair.
    • Increases the availability of key nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicle.
    • Remineralizes and hydrates hair, improving volume and shine.
    • Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.
  • Key Ingredients
      Tricalgoxyl, rich in kelp sulphated oligosaccharides (polysaccharides), was developed by a European laboratory with over 40 years of experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment). Derived from a particular species of brown algae (seaweed) grown and collected on the Iroise Biosphere Reserve in France, Tricalgoxyl works with other essential ingredients to remineralize the scalp and help hair regain its natural health, strength, and shine.
  • Usage
    • Apply Nutriol Shampoo to wet hair (1-3 pumps for short to medium length hair, 3-5 pumps for long hair).*
    • Massage gently.
    • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    • Follow with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment.
  • Clinical Test
      Note: This clinical is not allowed in the United States, please check with legal counsel in your market before using this study.
      Clinical Results:
      In a clinical study conducted by Foltene Laboratories on Tricalgoxyl, researchers found the following after 90 days of treatment with the active ingredient:
    • An increase in the number of hairs in anagen (growth phase) from 22.1% to 32.4% (10.3%).
    • A decrease in the number of hairs in telogen (falling phase) from 77.8% to 67.6% (10.2%).
  • FYI
      Unique Sea Story

      The ocean is the largest deposit of life resources on our planet and also the last exploited by man. This incredible rich “eighth”continent is the cradle of life. It is in fact from the sea, three million years ago, that the first form of life developed: microscopic algae. Because of an extraordinarily rich composition, all the essential life elements are contained in algae.

      Hair Physiology
      Each hair follicle cycles through 3 phases:
      Anagen phase—active growth (3–7 years).
      Catagen phase—transition/growth stops (2–4 weeks).
      Telogen phase—resting, then fallout (3–4 months).

      Hair is continually shed and renewed in alternating cycles of growth, rest, fallout, and renewed growth. Clinical studies have shown optimal nutrition to the hair follicle may help extend the anagen (growth) phase of the hair growth cycle. The longer hair remains in this phase, the thicker and fuller hair will appear.