Tru Face® IdealEyes

Tru Face® IdealEyes 15ml

Scientifically formulated to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes while increasing skin radiance.

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  • Questions and Answers

    Can I use Tru Face® IdealEyes and Intensive Eye Complex at the same time?
    Yes, but it is not necessary since both products provide moisturizing benefits while addressing different concerns. Tru Face® IdealEyes is an anti-aging product designed to diminish the visible signs of stress, fatigue and aging in the undereye area. Intensive Eye Complex is designed to hydrate the delicate eye area.

    Can I use Tru Face® IdealEyes with my core daily system?
    Yes, Tru Face® IdealEyes contains a powerful, yet gentle form of vitamin C that is safe for use with all Nu Skin core daily systems and products. Tru Face® IdealEyes should be applied before your moisturizer.

    Can I apply Tru Face® IdealEyes to my eyelids?
    No, Tru Face® IdealEyes should not be applied to the delicate skin of the eyelids because it could potentially work its way into the eyes and cause irritation. For this reason, we recommend only applying Tru Face® IdealEyes to the areas below and to the sides of the eyes.

  • Product Claims
    • Instantly brightens the undereye area, softening the appearance of dark circles and fatigue.
    • Immediately reduces eye puffiness for a smooth, refreshed look.
    • Helps to enhance the elimination of the pigments that cause dark circles.
    • Works over time to suppress puffiness and the formation of bags under the eyes.
  • Key Ingredients
    • Lipid-C (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate)—a powerful form of vitamin C that inhibits free radical damage, and brightens the under eye area.
    • Theobroma cacao extract—promotes a rapid reduction in the appearance of bags under the eyes.
    • Polygonum fagopyrum seed extract—a phytosterol rich extract that helps reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.
    • Antioxidant peptide complex (APC)—helps firm and tone delicate skin while facilitating the elimination of dark coloration under the eyes.