Intensive Eye Complex II

Intensive Eye Complex 15ml

Formulated with moisturizing and nourishing agents to lock in moisture of the delicate eye contour area.

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Product Details

  • Product Claims
    • Reinforce the skin's natural moisture barrier to diminish dry lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
    • Improve suppleness and softness around delicate eye area.
    • Increase resilience to strengthen the thinnest most sensitive skin on the face against daily stressors.
    • Fragrance free.
    • Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.
  • Key Ingredients

    Advanced Barrier Repair Technology (Linoleic Acid, Soy Stearols, Soy Phospholipids, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate) - strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier, helping skin to maintain optimal water content and resist environmental stressors.
    Shea butter - helps restores the skin cells' resilience with rejuvenating moisture that is quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and smooth with no oily residue.
    Kukui nut oil - is rapidly absorbed - doesn't leave an oily afterfeel. Helps to rejuvenate and soften dry lifeless skin.

  • Usage

    Lightly pat around eye area morning and evening. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not apply to eyelids.

  • FYI

    In most areas of the body the epidermis is approximately 0.045 millimeters thick. The palms of the hand and soles of the feet are up to several millimeters thick. The area around the eye it is only 0.020 millimeters thick. This helps to explain why the skin around the eye is so delicate and why it requires special care.

    For many reasons, the delicate tissue that surrounds your eyes is more likely to display signs of advancing age sooner than other areas of the face and body. Over time, fine lines tend to give way to the deeper lines called crow’s feet. Sun exposure may be responsible for as much as 75% of aging skin. To protect against pre-mature aging around the eyes, keep the area adequately moisturized and wear SPF sunscreen to block aging UVA & UVB rays.

  • Questions & Answers

    Is the skin around the eyes really different then the skin on the rest of my face?
    Yes, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive on the face.

    Which skin types should use Intensive Eye Complex II?
    Intensive Eye Complex II is great for all skin types for added moisture and protection for the delicate eye area.

    Why is it important to moisturize the eye area?
    The eye area is the first area to show the telltale signs of aging and stress. Moisturization of the eye area can protect the delicate moisture barrier as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Intensive Eye Complex is specifically formulated to supplement and protect the fragile skin around the eyes with intense moisture.