Ultimate Duo 1000 PSV Pack

Ultimate Duo 1000 PSV Pack

ageLOC® YOU-SPAN Pack and ageLOC® R2 Pack can help you live more youthful years with renewed energy and vigor!

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  • Applicable to all Maybank Credit Cards, Public Bank Credit Cards and CIMB Bank Credit Cards (collectively, “Credit Card”). Debit cards will not be accepted.
  • Purchase of product(s) under this 0% Installment Plan is not eligible to enjoy the Nu Skin ageLOC® Expo Exclusive Offer.
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Product Details

  • Package Content
    • 6 x ageLOC® R2 Pack 500 PSV (6 Boxes)
    • 1 x ageLOC® YOU-SPAN 500 PSV Pack (5 Boxes)
    • 1 x ageLOC® YOU-SPAN Pack (1 Box)
  • Directions For Use

    ageLOC® R2
    Suggested Dosing: Take six (6) ageLOC® R2 Day capsules in the morning, and take two (2) ageLOC® R2 capsules in the evening.

    Pharmanex ageLOC® YOU Capsule
    Adult: Take one capsule once daily with meal.

    Pharmanex ageLOC® SPAN Capsules
    Adult: Take two capsules twice daily with meal.