Ang Chin Ling

Ang Chin Ling

Blue Diamond Executive

“To live the life you desire, have faith, be focused on your goal and work hard.”

This strong belief is what drives Chin Ling to succeed. “If you work long and hard enough, you will inevitably enjoy the fruits of your efforts.”

“I never really believed in network marketing, let alone be involved in,” says Chin Ling whose dream had been make it to the top of it the corporate world. “It was the proven success of my leaders that convinced me the Nu Skin business is a promising business. The international expansion is another aspect I love about this business because it does not constrain me to a local market, but gives me the opportunity to expand my business globally. The time and financial freedom that the business offers is also second to none.”

As with every business, Chin Ling has had her share of highs and lows. “The best exposure I gained was when we expanded our business to international markets like Brunei and Indonesia. The opportunity to meet and work with hundreds and even thousands of people was a good experience, and it was then that my career took a huge leap.”
“Of course, there were times we had to deal with some difficult people. But there is value to be gained when we take the time to try to understand another’s viewpoint,” says Chin Ling who advocates the importance of character and attitude in the business. “These are vital because they determine the extent of a person’s success.”

Speaking of qualifying for Blue Diamond, Chin Ling says, “It was sheer faith and belief that pulled me through. I was so focused on my goal and my destination that I hardly had time for any distraction. In fact, when you are so focused you don’t see anything except your goal! So, whenever you’re faced with a tough situation, stay focused.”

Right now, Chin Ling’s focus is to ensure that she gives her best to her team so they too can fulfill their dreams and live the kind of life they desire. “For those of you who aspire to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, be crystal clear about your goals and stay focused. This business has the capacity to make your dreams come true!”

“My family has been behind me all the way and I truly thank them for their support. I would also like to thank my uplines 5 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 6 years John Iamranond and Blue Diamond Executives GS Yap for their continuous guidance and support, and everyone in the team for their strong encouragement. Last but not least, thank you Nu Skin!”