Maggie Chek

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Maggie Chek

2 Year Presidential Director


“I am helping friends and even strangers find their confidence, fulfil their dreams and change their lives. This is what brings meaning to life.”


One would think that being the youngest of seven children in her family, Maggie Chek might be laidback, carefree and used to being taken care of. Far from it, soon after earning her degree in business administration, Maggie started her Nu Skin business at 23 years of age and quickly became one of the youngest high achievers in Southeast Asia.


She had always been concerned about health ever since her second eldest brother passed away of stroke at a young age. In her search for health supplements, she was introduced to Nu Skin through her upline To Lay San. “I had tried many products in the past and saw no results. After completing the TRA programme, however, my cholesterol levels went down and my overall health improved. The programme is amazing – it totally transformed my health,” she shares.


Nu Skin gave Maggie more than just good health. She has found meaning and satisfaction in her work and interactions with people. “To me, ‘MLM’ stands for ‘Make Life Meaningful’,” she says earnestly. “It’s not just about trying to sell things. Through Nu Skin, I have seen people regain their health, achieve financial freedom and time freedom. I have seen my uplines and other MDC members go from zero to hero.”


While financial and time freedom are the usual goals for high achievers in Nu Skin, Maggie has an even higher dream: to truly make life better for others. “When I look at my uplines receiving their awards and recognition onstage, I am awed at the moment when everyone thanks them. Not only are their downlines thankful to them, even their downlines’ parents come up to say thank you! This is the greatest gift. This is what it means to have a meaningful life,” she muses. Proving that she means what she says, Maggie contributed to the Wish List Project, donated part of her commission to the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, and participates in all Force for Good activities.


To further her financial goals and achieve her noble ideals, Maggie continues looking forward to more Nu Skin experiences. For her, perseverance is the defining characteristic for success. “Many people give up after a few failures. This is not perseverance. True perseverance is being ‘consistently persistent’, and to keep getting up after you fall. Manage your emotions and don’t be put off by obstacles. Set your goals and never compromise about achieving them.”


Maggie is ever appreciative of her uplines and role models for their guidance and leadership: 2 Year Team Elite Platinum, 4 Year Team Elite & 1 Million Dollar Circle, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong and, and 2 Year Team Elite, To Lay San.


“My life truly feels meaningful now. Not only have I found success, I have also helped others fulfil their dreams. I am really happy in Nu Skin, and even in my next life, I will choose Nu Skin as my career,” she concludes.

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