Pang Moi Sim & Kok Loong Fatt

Pang Moi Sim & Kok Loong Fatt

Executive Brand Director


“I now have the flexibility to spend more time with my family.”


Trying to make ends meet, Pang Moi Sim ran her own clothing boutique while her husband, Kok Loong Fatt, managed his photography studio. Moi Sim had been selling clothes for 10 years yet could not break through the barrier of mediocre income. She and her husband had four children to feed, so they had no choice but to valiantly endure. As time went by, they became tired and Moi Sim got overweight as the stress from running her business wore her down.


Everything changed when, one day, Moi Sim and Loong Fatt stepped into their first convention. She encountered this tough question: “If you continue doing what you are doing, would you achieve leveraged income? And able to spend more time with your family?” With this thought in mind, the couple began to reconsider their direction in life.


They were amazed at the difference they saw in a relative, who eventually became their upline. They had known this lady since she was a young girl; she had always been very quiet and shy. Since joining Nu Skin, however, she emerged to be a very confident, outgoing person.


Uncertain but hoping to experience the transformation for herself, Moi Sim put herself through a test. The first noticeable change came about when she started shedding weight in a healthy way.


Loong Fatt was astounded with his wife’s transformation, but he was not convinced as he was a loyal user to another direct selling company. Because of their upline, Executive Brand Director, Che Siew Fen who persistently follow up and share with them on the company’s products and business opportunities, he began to open his eyes and hearts to listen to the sharing. Since, their lives were never the same again.

“My life is so much more colourful now,” Moi Sim muses. “In the past, all I did was work, work and work. But now, I even get to travel! At one time, we went to Turkey and I really enjoyed it. And because I have the flexibility to arrange time spent with my family, I have seen positive changes in them too.” Having the right direction is more crucial than working hard. Doing the right things is always better than doing the things right, the leader highlighted.


Along the Nu Skin journey, Moi Sim realizes that her success was achieved with the help and supports of others, chief among them her upline who counseled and encouraged her. She also treasures the friendship and trust among her Nu Skin team members.

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