Mindy Yeo Min Lee & Kok Fuh Keong

Mindy Yeo Min Lee & Kok Fuh Keong

Executive Brand Director

"Trust is the starting point of success, persistence is the end of success"


Positive experiences abound at Nu Skin. For Mindy Yeo and Kok Fuh Keong, their Nu Skin journey offered them more than just memorable moments; they also experienced personal transformation and gained new skills. A freelance artist for over four years, Mindy first got to know about Nu Skin when she tried out Nu Skin’s TRA Weight Management Program. Good results led her to pursue this business on a part-time basis, but as there was good response for the product amongst her friends and acquaintances, she decided to go into it full time.


Nu Skin's solid business model and viable system gave Mindy the confidence to wholeheartedly go into it. Of course, with any new business, there will be challenges. Mindy's prime challenge in her Nu Skin business is learning how to communicate and work well together with others. Cooperation and good interaction with her downlines and uplines are important, thus she has to pick up good listening and speaking skills. Putting all this into consistent practice, she finally achieved the success she was seeking. Thanks to her hard work and diligence, she is now enjoying leveraged income and time flexibility to spend more quality time with her loved ones.


As she began to learn more about the business and how to make it a success, she also realized that she was becoming a better version of herself. Previously before joining Nu Skin, Mindy admitted she was an introvert and had low self-esteem. Due to the business requiring her to communicate better with others and to overcome challenges like rejection, she started to be more positive and more outspoken. This boosted her confidence level and she is now more self-reassured than before.


Mindy is especially fond of the memorable experiences she had while going on Nu Skin's trips. One of them was the Star Academy trip to Phuket in 2014 which she and Fuh Keong qualified for. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for Mindy to be able travel with her family – this made the trip even more memorable. Another noteworthy trip was a cruise to Europe in 2016 by Nu Skin. It was Mindy's dream destination, but she couldn't afford to travel to that continent before this. Hence, she was extremely thrilled that Nu Skin made it a dream come true for her. All this strengthens her belief that if you truly pursue your goals with confidence, you will eventually attain it.

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