Leny Lem & Steven Chang

Leny Lem & Steven Chang

Executive Brand Director


“Do not look for excuses. Action speaks louder than words.”


As a Computer lecturer, Leny earned a steady income with stable living. Nevertheless, she longed for the flexibility to work on her own terms, hence decided to venture into the Nu Skin business, hoping to have a brighter future. “At that time, I was not sure if I would be able to succeed. All I know was that if I did not make the changes, my life will be stagnant,” admitted the former IT expert.

Though without any strong financial background and experience, Leny thirst for a business opportunity. “Thanks to my beloved upline, Executive Brand Director, Cindy Li, who passionately introduced me to the Nu Skin business,” said the business builder. “I could foresee the future in Nu Skin, so I took the chance and got into the business. It has tremendously changed my life since.”

Leny has become the product of the products with Nu Skin. She looks healthier and younger after consuming Nu Skin products. She was very excited! She could not help but to share them with her friends, which opened the door to her business.

Steven, on the other hand, was a top management officer at an international jewelry company. He was attracted by Nu Skin’s culture of helping others to success. “I saw how many professionals have joined the business. I admired the satisfaction they had and network they have built. I believed it is an open door for us to achieve a globalized business.”

There were a lot of obstacles and challenges along the journey. “Every challenge was a good learning opportunity. It helped me to readjust my mindset and justify my focus. Once I am set with a goal, I’ll strive towards it without doubt,” shared the Executive Brand Director. “Do not look for excuses. Action speaks louder than words. This is how you will be able to succeed and build an amazing business. And most importantly, you need to be persistent, till the end.”

Nu Skin’s greatest uniqueness is its ability to allow the most ordinary person achieving success through the business opportunity.

The newly crowned Executive Brand Director would like to thank their family, parents and friends for their support, their uplines for their guidance, their sidelines and downlines for their hard work. “We will continue to work with Nu Skin towards a brighter future, especially with the great potential found in ageLOC Technology. It will definitely bring greater success to our partners,” said Steven and Leny.

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