Koh Chee Khun & Lok Siew Hwa

Koh Chee Khun & Lok Siew Hwa

Executive Brand Director

"Always live a wonderful and brilliant life"


Koh Chee Kun has always dreamt of owning a business. For years, he has been trying out different business ventures. While he was working as an operation manager in a Singapore-listed company in Malaysia, he had tried participating in two businesses which seemed promising, but both failed. However, this did not stop him from trying again – and this time it was with Nu Skin.


"My ex-colleague, Nicholas Yeo (from Nu Skin's Circle of Excellence III) introduced me to Nu Skin" says Chee Khun. "Seeing how successful he is in his Nu Skin business gave me the confidence to pursue it.”


Third time's the charm, as Chee Khun's Nu Skin business flourished and offered him the lifestyle he wanted. Today he is a Executive Brand Director and his is extremely grateful that Nu Skin has given him many opportunities to transform his life. Moreover, his journey at Nu Skin has been filled with inspiration and support.  


"In one of the group conventions that I participated in, I was very inspired by how Nicholas, who has just received his recognition then, could live a better life," Chee Khun shares. "Like him, I also wanted leveraged income and more flexibility so that I can spend more quality time with my family, travel more often without constantly worrying about my job."


With this in mind, Chee Khun set out to do whatever he can to make his business a success. It was a bumpy ride in the beginning as there were many things he had to pick up. One of them was learning how to communicate with others effectively.


“Previously, whenever I talked to others about Nu Skin, I only knew how to talk about the strengths of Nu Skin. I never stopped to think about why my customers or prospects need Nu Skin and how the business would help them. I eventually realized that without getting to know what my customers truly need; I won't be able to get them interested in the product or the business. By getting to know what others want, I also found a way to inspire them to reach for their goals," Chee Khun says. "In my opinion, if you want to succeed, you must first have a strong desire for success. From the process, others can learn to adopt this mindset and foster the positive habits of successful people as well."

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