Kho Tad Seng

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Kho Tad Seng

Blue Diamond Executive

“Making the right choice is more important than the effort put in.”

Making the right choice is more important than the effort put in. Tad Seng never thought that life can be so wonderful. After he joined Nu Skin, he realizes life has more value than just making money. When we strive to success for our future, we can help others improving their lives too. To continue moving forward in Nu Skin business, one must willing to help others. This allows him to have the momentum to pursue in the business.


After graduation, he was like others, finding a stable job and living a simple life. He has never thought of building his own career. However, after experiencing its great products and knowing the rewarding business opportunity, in less than 1 year time, Tad Seng decided to venture in this business full-time.


Definitely, it takes courage to change. He has lots of dreams when he was young but dreams start disappearing. He didn’t even think of a brilliant life. Now, he began to find his growing dream. Because of Nu Skin, he believes that with efforts and persistent, dreams can be achieved. He has already fulfilled some of his dreams, having time freedom for himself and his family.


Initially, Tad Seng did not have any experience in this industry. Achieving Blue Diamond title, he is thankful to his mentor, 10 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 11 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho for their guidance and patience. He would like to thank his family for their encouragement and Nu Skin staff for their support. He is also grateful to his lovely business partners’ friendship and trust.