Justin Wan & Sydney Gow

Justin Wan & Sydney Gow

Executive Brand Director

“Follow your heart’s desire and achieve your Goals.”

They may have started young on their path to success, but that doesn't mean Justin and Sydney were any less capable than their more matured peers when they first started their Nu Skin business. Armed with their dynamic spirit and driven personas, both Justin and Sydney strived for success no matter what it takes.

"I had just graduated from ACCA when I was first introduced to the Nu Skin opportunity. I was elated to find out how this platform could enable millennials like myself with no experience, network or huge capital start a business!" shares Sydney who was only 21 years old at the time.

For Justin, he was doing well as an internal auditor in Singapore but was seeking out a better alternative. "I travelled back to KL every weekend to see my parents. I knew this job was only a temporary solution but I could never find a job in KL that matches the pay I can get in Singapore" Justin says. "Then Nu Skin came along and it was the business venture I was always looking for."

Justin and Sydney work very hard and have succeeded to be one of the best in the business. They were recently named new Executive Brand Directors of Nu Skin. Justin and Sydney attributed their success to their never-give-up attitude even though throughout those years there were challenges along the way.

"One of the early challenges I had in this business was rejections," Sydney says. "When I first started I was so excited to share about Nu Skin’s products and business but many people rejected me, and yes, there were tears. But after recognizing that it’s just part and parcel of the business, it pushed me to get better! I knew that the only way to change their perception is to inspire them with my results."

Justin and Sydney found that all these experiences actually led them towards a new learning curve and one of the biggest values that they received through this platform is their personal transformation!

"Everything we experience - both successes and challenges - are important parts of our journey” says Justin. "We started to be thankful for even the tough times as it is in these moments that we grow."

Their hard work definitely paid off as both of them are now living the life that they desire. “We knew very clearly the life we wanted to have for ourselves and our loved ones. This desire helped us overcome many challenges. We believe the best is yet to come!”

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