Joey Tong

Joey Tong

Executive Brand Director


“Choosing the right path will change your life forever.”


Before knowing Nu Skin, Joey owned and ran a fashion boutique. After a while, she got bored with the traditional business and came to realize that operating such a business was unable to help her achieves hergoals.


“Once skeptical about Direct Selling, I decided to venture into the Nu Skin business because of the products and business opportunities it offers. Nu Skin is a business, not a job. The differences between Nu Skin and other companies are its culture and mission. I am confident that Nu Skin is able to help me achieve my goals,” declared Joey with great confidence.


“Nu Skin gave me a chance to explore my potential and made me into someone with greater influential power.” She kept reminding herself to challenge the limit and explore the greatest potential in her. She believes that people will generate great breakthrough during the most challenging moments!


Joey wanted to provide a chance for her parents to enjoy a great life and be proud of her. “I am able to do so with Nu Skin! Thank you Nu Skin for helping me achieve my goals. It made me believe that even young adults like us, are able to achieve leveraged income and the flexibility to work on own terms,” she is determined to help people around her to improve their lives.


“I was able to achieve my goals through Nu Skin. For my success making it to an Excecutive Brand Director, I would like to thank my uplines for their support and faith in me,” said the young Executive Brand Director.


Joey conveyed her most sincere appreciation to her uplines, Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 9 Year Team Elite, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong for their guidance and leadership, as well as the sharing and encouragement from her sidelines.

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