Francis Yeow & Lilian Wong


Executive Brand Director


“Making the right choice is more important than working hard. Success is a decision and it requires you to decide on the right platform, right friends and right mentor.”


For former Chief Operating Officer, Francis Yeow, the dream has always been to be able to spend time with his family more often. However, having been employed for 20 years and as a chief executive of a public-listed company in his last position, he found that time was at a premium. Furthermore, he realized that running business, not only did it make him very busy, he was exposed to risks beyond his control.


His introduction to Nu Skin and its products was a personal triumph of sorts. Nu Skin’s weight management program allows him to have a healthier body and this led him to seriously think of Nu Skin as a potential business path.


The first thing Francis did was to do an in-depth study on ageLOC, which is a revolutionary product by Nu Skin. The technology has even been featured on the Discovery Channel, this made Francis realized that Nu Skin was the right platform, with the right kind of products and great company philosophy – the perfect combination for him to achieve his dream of having the flexibility to arrange time with his family as well as attaining leveraged income.


“I first started Nu Skin on a part-time basis and went fulltime later, once i knew I was on the right path,” he says.


His perseverance paid off when Francis (fully endorsed by his wife, Lilian Wong) achieved Executive Brand Director. It validated his decision to embark on the Nu Skin journey. More importantly, this achievement had tangible results; he had helped transform many lives. The Executive Brand Director achievement meant that even his downlines were achieving the goals they had set for themselves.


Each time a challenge came his way, Francis relooked into the way they conducted the business and refreshed their thought. Francis is ever grateful to his role model, Wong Chee Siong, Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director. “At the end of the day,” says Francis, “The right choice is more important than hard work. You see, success is a choice and it requires you to decide on the right platform, right friends and the right mentor. If you want to achieve leveraged income with personal growth, then Nu Skin is the best Direct Selling company around.”


The genuine joy in his voice and sense of happiness throughout any conversation one may have with this new Executive Brand Director will definitely be inspired by his dedication and passionate in the business. For Francis, his entire approach has been about leading by example, as they believe that it is the true power of Nu Skin - the ability to build mindsets and teach each other to be good people. Francis will continue to carry the Nu Skin mission of being a force for good, as he continues pay it forward.

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