Eu Sze Shia

Eu Sze Shia

Executive Brand Director


“Personal growth is the most invaluable asset that I acquired in Nu Skin.”


I was a loyal customer of another multi-level marketing company for 11 years before I came to know of Nu Skin. During that time, despite having health supplements for quite a while, we did not notice favourable results on our health. I bumped into my uplines one day and they recommended some Nu Skin’s Pharmanex products for my husband. We were amazed by the results as my husband looks healthier!


I would like to thank my husband, who is my benefactor. I tried Pharmanex products under his persistent ‘demand’ and I noticed that I feel healthier too! My own experience, plus that of my husband, has made me a staunch believer in Nu Skin products.


Then one day, my upline, Say Fern encouraged me to join Nu Skin so that I could help others. I complied, thinking that I should share the good products with friends and relatives. Subsequently, after some thorough research on Nu Skin, and prompted by good testimonials from my own friends and relatives, I realised that Nu Skin was an excellent business opportunity. I owe my humble success to my husband, who has been showing a lot of patience, support and understanding.  I vow to help my downlines get onto the success bandwagon.   


After joining Nu Skin, the most invaluable asset I have acquired is the growth and transformation in me. For my humble success, I wish to thank all my uplines for rendering their love and care, support and encouragement along the way. They are Circle of Excellence I & 2 Year Team Elite, Amy Khor Lay Hoon & Albert Sia Ah Bong; Executive Brand Director, Shirley Tan Shit Leh & Ong Say Way; Brand Director, Tan Seng Guan & Ng Say Fern as well as Tan Shut Shyan & Lim Wun Tian, and also my overseas uplines, who are Circle of Excellence I & 2 Year Team Elite, Kuo Shih San and Chi Ching Chi as well as Circle of Excellence I, Stella Wang.

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