Chiam Ai Sze & Looi Hsien Sian

Chiam Ai Sze & Looi Hsien Sian

Executive Brand Director


“Begin with a belief, persist till the end!”


Looi and Ai Sze were both engineers prior to joining Nu Skin. Although they were promoted from Engineers to Engineering Managers after many years of hard working for the multi-national companies, they realized they lost a lot of family time and did not have the flexibility to do what they like. This was totally against what they wanted – to have total flexibility and spend more time with their family and love ones.


The couple was attracted to Nu Skin’s mission in empowering people to improve life. They are grateful to Ms Ting Wei Chin who introduced Nu Skin to them and all their uplines and mentors who have guided them along their journey, especially Senior Brand Director, Andrea Ang; Circle of Excellence I & 7 Year Team Elite, Gavin Sim & Doris Lim; Circle of Excellence I & 3 Year Team Elite, Kho Lee Ling; Circle of Excellence II, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 4 Year Team Elite, Koh Yeok Choo & Yap Peck Kong; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Nicholas Yeo & Gan Kok Hong; Circle of Excellence III, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Emily Yap & Chua Syer Cin; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 12 Year Team Elite, Lilian Ong; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 12 Year Team Elite, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding, and of course, Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho.


While making the decision, they did not hesitate to let go their engineering professions to focus in building the Nu Skin business because they believed that when they let go of the limited, they will receive the unlimited in return. “We did not have any experience in this industry prior to the business, yet we believed that we can achieve our goals as long as we work hard, keep learning and persist! We understand that comfort is the biggest trap in life, while challenges are pieces of puzzle that bring us towards success. We believe that Nu Skin is the rightmost platform to achieve leveraged income and the flexibility to work on own terms by leveraging on Nu Skin products and business opportunity to help more people to have a healthy and better life.”


They are truly grateful to be a part of Nu Skin and the Force For Good culture of the company. They are grateful to be given the chance to walk along the journey to success with a group of people with big goals. They are thankful to those who trusted them and those who have inspired them along the way.


Through Nu Skin, Looi and Ai Sze get to know a group of friends who share the same vision and goals, regardless of the differences in age group, background and region. “We had the chance to travel together to many places and getting to see the world while enlarging our goals along the journey,” shared the couple. Through Nu Skin, this couple also got to spend more time together and learnt to appreciate each other more. “Everything is possible with Nu Skin, and everyone can really aim for bigger goals & live a colorful life.”


To Looi and Ai Sze, achieving Executive Brand Director is just a beginning. Their next goal is to become Team Elite and Circle of Excellence I.


“Begin with a belief, persist till the end!” Encouraged our Executive Brand Director.

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