Ashley Phua & Sam Ting

Ashley Phua & Sam Ting

Executive Brand Director

“For us, the journey has been simply amazing. We see people differently now. We see their strengths and their powers. We see potentials.”

It was a very special product that got Ashley Phua and Sam Ting involved in Nu Skin – the ageLOC® Galvanic Face Spa. Ashley saw the testimonials of this ageLOC® technology and was attracted to the product as it is a simple gadget that could save her time and cost from the beauty salon. Soon, Ashley was convinced to try the the ageLOC® Galvanic Face Spa, more so, she saw the business opportunity and decided to start her adventure with Nu Skin.

“At first, we did not want to get involved in a multilevel marketing business. But after using the product, people kept coming up to me and complimenting my features. And just like that, I began sharing about the product and the business. It was certainly a happy circumstance that got us into Nu Skin,” says Ashley.

Sam then got involved in the business after Ashley became a Brand Representative earning a better income. The former hairstylist realized that coming from sales background; he could create added benefits for the family if he joined Ashley in her quest. Today, the couple have qualified as Executive Brand Director and found the most valuable commodity is the time they have for each other and their family.

Ashley and Sam have come to embrace the world of multilevel marketing, understanding that there are different ways of earning money – whether it is through being employed, owning a business or through networking where they could work to achieve leveraged income. Indeed, they are happy with their choice as it has given them the perfect platform to reach their goals.

Their dream is to travel the world and experience exotic cultures. Joining the European Cruise back in April 2016 made them realized that Nu Skin is treating them to an amazing vacation as a family.  

“The journey for us has been simply amazing! We see people differently now. We see their strengths and their powers. We see potentials.”

Ashley says that Nu Skin has changed her as it leads her to discover her leadership skills. She believes that leadership is not about herself, but other people – it is the very principle that has lead this dynamic duo to great success. 

“I have learned to lead, putting people before us through Nu Skin. In our team we have many different types of people, who have different personalities and characters. We love to encourage and be positive influence to people who crossed our paths,” Ashley emphasized.

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