Angie Ng Lay Pheng

Angie Ng Lay Pheng

Executive Brand Director

"Dare to dream."


Being a homeowner may seem like a natural progression in life. However, buying a home is oftentimes only a dream for many people who can barely afford the rising cost of property. Among them was Angie Ng Lay Pheng who struggled to save enough for a house as she was just drawing an average income as a medical representative amidst rising inflation and the escalating cost of real estate.


After working for several years, Angie came to the realisation that she may never be able to fulfil her dream as long as she was still working for someone else. That was when she decided to take a different career path and joined Nu Skin to kick-start her own business.


“I saw the huge market potential of weight management and anti-aging solutions. I knew that Nu Skin would provide the right platform, along with its attractive business plan, for me to venture into these markets,” she explained.


Since becoming a part of the Nu Skin network, Angie has worked her way up and achieved the prestigious title of Executive Brand Director successfully. Her hard work and determination have paid off and today she is not only a homeowner, but she also enjoys a transformed lifestyle and the leveraged income that she had never thought possible.


“I love travelling but I seldom had the chance to do so due to financial constraints. Since joining Nu Skin, I can afford to travel. Additionally, I have also been able to give my family better quality of life” Angie says. “With my flexible schedule, I get to be the master of my own life.”


On top of that, Angie discovers that life is now more meaningful when she is able to help others to lead a better life. Through the Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation, she is an active donor of the Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund by contributing 1% of her monthly commission to the cause. Angie, along with more than 20 members in her team, are also a Nourish the Children (NTC) Ambassador who commit to purchase and donate VitaMeal each month to nourish the starving children in needy countries.


“What I love about Nu Skin is that it empowers people,” says Angie. “It makes me happy when I am able to help someone be a better person, especially when I can lead each person in my team to achieve success and and help them to achieve their goals.”


Angie strongly believes that one must dare to dream in order to live a better life. “People often think that their dreams are unattainable. I had the same thought too, until I have taken the leap and discovered that as long as you dare to dream, anything is possible. My life is more colourful and exciting than it used to be. Thanks to Nu Skin, all my dreams have come true for me!” said Angie.

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