Tiziana Assmann

Tiziana Assmann


I have always been a woman with goals and dreams and to me, growth and development are very exciting. Born and grown up in the German Democratic Republic, I learned two professions and studied. I wanted to live a self-determined life, travel and try new things. And so, I “secretly” emigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany with my daughter still before the internal German frontier was opened.


I have always been hard working, reliable and creative. As a young mother, I learned early to take on responsibility. My managers saw that and quickly placed me in work-intensive, responsible and representative positions. In these years I learned what it is like to work hard, to earn a standard wage and not to have enough time. It was common to trade time for money.


I took the chance to leave the employee status when my son was born, and started my own business. What followed was a work-intensive start-up phase, high training costs and advance payments for goods needed for each new season. For a few years, the balance between my efforts and the profit was not very motivating.

I had been lucky and courageous enough to turn my hobby into a business. TV broadcasters and the press started to show an interest in my services as an image and style consultant, my business grew and my daily earnings eventually became acceptable. However, due to this publicity I had to travel more. I loved my job and I loved working, but it ate up my time. I felt increasingly exhausted and was not sure of how long I would be able to maintain this pace. But what alternative did I have? Again, I traded time for money.


I was on my way to attend a TV show when my train was cancelled, and thus I met Doris Postelt at the train station. We met again 6 months later. When she told me about Nu Skin, I could only think that this would mean even more work for me, and I wasn’t interested in doing this business at all. However, I wanted to have the Galvanic Spa device immediately. Some months before, I had seen myself on TV on a huge HD screen and noticed that the permanent stress has left its mark on my face.


I used some Pharmanex products, ageLOC products and the Galvanic Spa. I quickly began to feel more comfortable in my skin and my face contours started to improve visibly. Other people noticed my change as well. I was amazed about achieving these results in such a short time. And sharing my excitement with others helped me get my first Nu Skin customers. It was easy and fun. And so I decided to also try the business part.


27 August, 2010 marks my “birthday” at Nu Skin. Three months later, I became Executive, because I quickly wanted to earn the higher commission. Bit by bit, I began to understand that creating and training new leaders allows everyone to have time AND money. You just need to tell other people about this opportunity. What convinced me as well was that thanks to the ageLOC science you can keep an attractive appearance for a long time and can stay vital up until old age. In my life, I had already tried many products, but this difference was a total breakthrough for me. I wanted to follow this path. In December 2011, I achieved Gold, in February 2012 Lapis, in March Ruby, in May Emerald, in July 2012 Diamond and since 2014, I am a Blue Diamond. Once the switch is flipped, everything happens very fast.


I am very grateful for everything that has changed, and for the support from the company and sponsors. My quality of life has improved a lot. I still love my other business, but I do not need to accept every faraway job anymore. I also like to be on the same level with my business partners, without a hierarchy. Although everyone is independent and equal, we work together in a team which has not only been helpful at the beginning. You are not working on your own anymore. You do not need a warehouse, logistics are done by the company and there are no labour costs or shop rent. Today, I can make my own hours and work from places all over the world. To me, this is a huge asset.


I once read that “coincidence is something that falls to you”. The choice to use this chance is what everyone has to make on their own. You may now think that my story is finished here, but for me this is only the beginning.