Marc & Chrystine Dugast

Marc & Chrystine Dugast


We are Chrystine and Marc Dugast, morpho-psychologist/image consultant. Our story with Nu Skin® began one morning when our friend Jean Bernard Claviere called us to introduce us to a great business opportunity: Nu Skin. Marc gave his answer before Jean Bernard had a chance to finish his sentence... Although Jean Bernard’s presentation was brilliant, Marc’s answer was ‘no’ because we were not interested in multilevel companies. In addition, it wasn't the right time, since we were launching our new business as morpho-makeovers. But Jean Bernard insisted and, since he is a really good friend, Marc attended a few meetings in Paris and Strasbourg.


One important thing struck him: the enthusiasm of the audience. Because of this, Marc asked me to come and find out more about Nu Skin in a meeting. I also became enthusiastic and we have been convinced ever since then. As a result, we invited Jean Bernard together with Maximilien Piccinini to one of our seminars.


They introduced the business to a crowd of 50 hairdressing company leaders. Six of them signed the contract and Jean Bernard told us we were Executives. And then… our life with Nu Skin started, on 01 April 1 2009. An April fool’s joke? Not at all, it was real and we found out step by step what all of this meant. We managed to maintain our 3000-point Executive status when we were still at the beginning. The best thing to do is to never give up when you choose a direction. This is certainly the case with Nu Skin.


Today, we are Emerald, almost Diamond (next month). To achieve this, the rules are simple: you have to follow Nu Skin’s plan.


We owe this successful start to Jean Bernard Claviere, our Sponsor, who took us with him on this adventure with his perseverance. Together with his group from Strasbourg, besides their great sauerkraut à la Nu Skin, they offered us a true fountain of youth, well before Vitality! Our national leader, Maximilien Piccinini, is always at our side and transmits his fighting spirit. So far, our Parisian cross-line friends, the trust of our 60 ADR Customers and Distributors have motivated us to continue towards our ‘success story’.


Our piece of advice to those who begin with the company or are already on board: Don’t give up on anything! With Nu Skin, you start with a beautiful face and end up with a gold mine!


Chrystine & Marc Dugast