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Veronika and Imre Csente

Veronika and Imre Csente


We got to know each other in November 2009 at a Nu Skin consultation. By that time, I had already spent two years building my business and Imre, who had just become an Emerald, joined the team a couple of months before. In an instance, we became partners, a family and started sharing the same dreams. 


But let me start at the beginning…


I did not want to create a network, but I wanted to live as a successful networker. At the bottom of my heart, I have always known that this was the only way to freedom. I have two siblings and my mother brought us up as a single parent. In spite of having a management role at the medical university, she participated at the very first Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) events in Hungary. Many times, she would bring us with her. I applauded a lot of successful networkers and listened to several success stories. I saw the lifestyle that you can achieve via persistent work, although those companies were not meant for me. 


Then, although I had several university degrees, I didn't have any professional experiences, and so my job applications were rejected, therefore I started to run different companies with my siblings. We had amazing ideas, but we did not have enough capital to make them flourish. We were so desperate that we were already looking for employment abroad, when we met Kenton Worthington. It was odd that he was not trying to “sell” us the company, but he wanted to get to know us. In a second, we made up our minds and became successful in the first few months. We became free in terms of money and time in our 20s. 


After, I met Imre, who left his 10-year long successful career in the hospitality industry for Nu Skin's vision. He started it without any previous experience and at the beginning, he thought about it as some additional source of income, but soon he realised that it was worth the time and energy. 


When we first met, we drafted his plan to become Diamond. From that plan, we developed our common plans.


When our now 2.5 years old son, Nimó turned 1, we started to think about setting new business goals and trying to work from home with the help of social media. The changes in the world and the development of technology introduced new possibilities for the business and by exploiting the changes, we have seen new results...


Comparing it to the "traditional offline business building", on the one hand, it seemed like a fairy tale and on the other, it seemed impossible. Especially since neither of us had any experience in this field. 


But we set our goal and dedicated all our time to learn and teach everything to our team about this new way of business building. Suddenly, we got in touch with many mothers seeking a source of income that would allow them to spend time with their children. 

Our team has become a community, where we help and support each other. We are so proud of each one of its members!


The biggest lesson we learned in the last 1.5 years may be: JUST DO IT! 

We had been thinking for days before uploading the first post. Will it be good?

Will it become a laughing stock? Will it work for us? 


And then, one morning I woke up thinking that if I don't post, I will never know. I POSTED. IT TURNED OUT. IT WORKED.