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Verena Huber

Verena Huber

When I first got in contact with Nu Skin three years ago, I never imagined that it was going to completely change my life. At that time, I was trying to get pregnant with my third child.


I knew already that I wanted to establish a second income source in the nutrition sector; and I was already in training to become a nutritional coach. Then I got into a conversation with my current upline.  I was interested in the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner and wanted to use it in my dietary coaching.


When I was pregnant with Liam, I started training at our Beauty and Lifestyle Academy.  


In these past two years, I built up my business and created a brand in the beauty and vital sector. Today I am happy to see that we attained a substantial level of popularity. With great products and team-work, we have been able to thrill and satisfy many people. My team is simply fantastic and many of them are well on their way to becoming equally successful. I love working with them and supporting them.


This is where I have been able to live out my passion. I finally decided to devote my entire time to do what I really love. Helping other people to achieve their goals, no matter if they are customers or partners, makes me happy.


Now I am the one who decides whether I am going to be great or small. 


Thanks to the support of my husband and older children Laura and Leon, I have become quite successful already. The biggest challenge for me, when one wants to be successful, remains how to maintain the balance between family and career. The flexibility of this business allows me to schedule my own hours. Thanks to my dedication and work I am getting closer and closer to my goal of becoming Blue Diamond.


I am grateful to Stefanie and Thomas Kogler; my uplines, who have supported me in such a fantastic way; who showed me the way, and have always been there for me, whenever I needed them. I am of course also grateful to the Nu Skin Support Team; the lovely Naiema - my Account Manager, and all the others, who made sure that everything functions well. 


I am very grateful for this opportunity given to me by Nu Skin; and I am looking forward to my first Success Trip to Puglia, Italy in September 2017, and everything else that may follow.