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Reidun Beate S. Pande (Executive Brand Partner)

Reidun Beate S. Pande

In my work as a leader, I believe it is important to take the lead as a good role model; be active and visible and never ask others to do something I am not willing to do myself. Always focus on generating your own sales, because this will inspire your Brand Representatives and duplicate further down in your organisation!

I don’t work based on a specific training program, but I strongly believe it is very important that Brand Representatives and above understand the importance of working the lines deep. This is crucial to building a strong foundation in your business.


As a mother of 3, this business has brought along some challenges, and I can say without a doubt that the hardest thing for me has been to go ‘offline’. For the first 4 months, I always had a 50% focus on my children and 50% focus on my iPhone and business. This resulted in me feeling constantly guilty for not being there 100% for anybody anymore.


Now I go completely offline for 2-3 hours every afternoon so I can give my family 100% of my attention. After all, this job is not intended to negatively impact family life. On the contrary, this opportunity can make it better. So, make sure you set aside time for work and don’t mix job and family time.


Another challenge has been to prioritise who in my organisation I should spend time on. My time has gradually become more and more precious and I can't afford to waste it. I've become stricter with myself and don't spend time mollycoddling anymore. People need to take action and show that they are willing to put in the work before I invest my time and energy into helping them. This may sound a little "cold", but this is how I can separate those who this business is truly for from those that think they "get rich overnight" without having to work for it. So always protect your time!


Success drivers are very important. I can't pick just one because they are all essential, but for me it started with dreaming and having the belief that I CAN do this! Then came goal setting, action and leadership. When I started out, I felt I had absolutely no faith in myself, but my desire to achieve my dreams was very strong. I worked on my mindset daily and now I can say that I’ve gone from pessimist to eternal optimist. The future has never looked as bright as it does now!

Looking back now, I honestly wouldn’t have done anything differently. I learned very early on how important it was to work the lines and work down deep in my organisation. I decided to really spend time getting to know all the people who came into my organisation no matter their level - and this I know has been a big factor in my massive and fast growth.


Now I look forward to making a difference in the lives of even more people and all the experiences this will bring.



October 2019




Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is not a get rich quick program, there are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants.

A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Performance Plan can be found here under ”2018 EMEA Brand Affiliate Compensation Summary"