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Csaba László (Executive Brand Director)


I started my Nu Skin business in 2007. At that time, I was a successful hairdresser and makeup artist. I had my own salon with more than 100 customers and worked in showbusiness for major Slovak TV channels. Despite my comofortable situation, I felt burned out and didn’t know what I wanted for the future. I felt like I needed a BIG change. That’s when I found Nu Skin.


The biggest change that I needed to make was the way I thought about life -my mindset. This business gave me the opportunity to learn new things and experience new perspectives. The second big change was my health and the quality of my skin. I love the products, they were what first introduced me to Nu Skin and the reason I joined. From the beginning I worked very hard every day because I wanted to build business. It was hard work and required many sacrifices, but I managed to reach my goals afters some time.


You need to know, I had a BIG EGO – I thought I knew best about everything. Thank God for all the lessons I’ve learned from building this business. After a while I realised that my ego had to go. There’s nothing wrong with having an ego, but it should be healthy. The biggest gift I got was learning from my mentors that being humble is a basic principle if I wanted to become successful. Also, my self-confidence wasn’t great because I was bullied many times in my life, so this became a turning point. I really started working on my self-development and it improved in so many ways. This is priceless.


This business was teaching me the whole time and it still does. Two pages of text couldn’t describe what I’ve learned from it. I’m not a perfect person, but I’ve learned that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and do your best not to repeat them. What I love about this business is that I can inspire others to become a better person, but first, I need to become one myself. I can say that I’ve learned how to love myself – only then you can love others and they will love you, too. It was quite tough, but it is worth it.


Building a business where people are involved isn’t easy, but if you realise the beauty of it, you’ll feel fulfilled. I think it’s important to be ethical and honest. My biggest task so far was, and is, improving my integrity – it’s the work of a lifetime. I try to see the best qualities in everyone. We should identify and then show others their potential, the positive things that they can’t see and try to help develop them.


Before joining Nu skin, I used to have limited time for my partner, family and friends. I worked 12-14 hours per day, no weekends, and was booked out 6 months in advance. This business gave me the chance to manage my time flexibly, so now we can spend more quality time together.


What I really love about this business is that I am constantly challenging myself. If you decide to build a sustainable business, you need to challenge yourself constantly too. I didn’t speak English before Nu Skin, so I challenged myself to learn it, because it is not possible to have a worldwide business without languages. Now, I’ve decided to learn Spanish. For sure I want to improve my English as well, improve my leadership skills, just learn new things and take new steps, getting higher while helping others succeed. Now I am focusing on my team to help them achieve their goals.


My long-term goal is to help as many people as possible to get into this business. I want them to feel recognised and allow themselves to dream big and enjoy every minute of the journey. I would like to thank my parents and friends for the support and encouragement, also my sponsors and uplines for giving me this opportunity and for the precious knowledge and experiences they shared with me. THANK YOU, NU SKIN!



August 2019




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