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Carina Da Silva (Brand Director)

Carina Da Silva - Brand Director

To listen and to stay objective. In today’s society, I believe it’s important to keep values like these in order to make our team evolve in a sharing environment. It’s not only important on a business level but also on a human level. As a leader, it is very important for me that my downlines blossom. Therefore, my role is to be an example for them and to show them the way to accomplishment, while staying humble and being themselves.


Getting along and having fun are very important to me. You have to love what you do – I believe that beautiful things will eventually come to those who do. In my personal journey with Nu Skin, I did not follow any specific training because each and every one of my Brand Representatives is different. They each have their own personality and needs, so I take the time to coach them individually over brunch, for example. I insist on keeping the fun part of this activity. There are some rare pearls who go as fast as spaceships, and I only need to congratulate them for their amazing journey.


When starting this adventure, we are coached very well, and we receive a number of useful materials to develop our customer network and move toward our goals. One of the difficulties that we may encounter actually comes from ourselves, if we have the wrong mindset. Indeed, we then create our own barriers. To avoid this, I dedicate a lot of time and energy to my self-development and I share it with my team.


It is my opinion that without ambition, there are no accomplishments in life! To do everything I possibly can, I dream… No! I strive to accomplish my dreams. I give myself new objectives and I love challenging myself. I give the same message to my team, so we work together with the same mindset. I have my « why » and it’s very strong. I guess it plays a big part in my success. I also stay focused; I never give up and neither does my team, even though sometimes in life there is a need to disconnect for a little while. You need to be able to make sacrifices and choices in life. Also, I cannot abandon a winning team, even for only one second!


July 2019





Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is not a get rich quick program, there are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants.

A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Performance Plan can be found here under ”2017 EMEA Distributor Compensation Summary”