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Anette Hambalek

Anette Hambalek-SS2019

My name is Anette Hambalek – I am an esthetician and makeup artist. I live in the countryside with my husband Frederick and our two children, Elvira, aged 13, and Nova, aged 11. I have been working in the beauty industry for 29 years, starting out at a perfumery in Linköping where most of the great beauty brands were. A dream for a young girl.


After 10 years at the perfumery, we decided to move to Gothenburg, where I studied to become an esthetician and makeup artist at Gilda School, before getting a job as a skincare teacher after finishing her education. In 2000, we moved back home to Linköping, where I opened my first small beauty salon, which soon grew into one of Sweden's largest privately-owned day spas with 15 employees and many different beauty brands for skin, body and makeup. I worked long days every day of the week. It took many tough years to get into the economy, family life and entrepreneurship. The job took all of my time, so there was not much time for a private life or activities. A lot of stress and worries come when you have a big business with employees and young children at home. One of my employees, who had once been my manager at the perfumery, knew what it took to run her own business and she could see how I struggled to balance work and life. Working "around the clock" to get through it all. This employee worked in the reception at the beauty salon, but also with Nu skin. On several occasions, she told me about Nu Skin's fantastic products and above all about what a good business idea it was. This is the future of the beauty industry, she often said... I only half listened and continued to struggle on as before. After some time and a lot of persuasion, a meeting was booked to show me and my husband Fredrik the Nu Skin business. Fredrik saw the potential in the business idea right away, but I was skeptical about both the business and the products. Fredrik saw a future with Nu Skin and started to work. He booked BB meetings, ordered products and tried to get his "esthetician wife" on track, but I was stubborn and said no. This went on for 6 years, until the day I tore a ligament in my wrist – a disaster for any esthetician, whose hands are their most important tools. Devastated and sad, I wondered what the future would bring. I finally took the time to listen to my friend and husband. We went to a big event, where a young girl went up on the stage and talked about her life, her Nu Skin journey and what Nu Skin had done to improve her way of life. There and then, I realised that this is something everyone can do, with or without a wrist and it was a great opportunity for the future.


My Nu Skin journey began. After a few months I had tested most of Nu Skin’s products and realised that these amazing products really made a difference. I studied the sales performance plan and realised, this is good! Why did I say no for so many years? So, the lesson is to never take no for an answer, because a no can become a YES! Thanks to Nu Skin, I felt a sense of security and dared to sell my beauty salon and now work full time with Nu skin, combining my role as an esthetician with pampering regimens, as a skincare teacher for spa therapists and as a consultant in health and beauty. My dream is coming true! It would not have been possible had I continued to work as before. With Nu skin I’m now seeing a bright future! Life today is quite different. I love to work, and work a lot, but under quite different conditions than before. The financial challenges that come with having employees is gone, and I can spend more time with my family when I don’t have to be in a store with opening hours. I’ve even started practicing Yoga to develop more mindfulness and am enjoying life in a different way. Finding a healthy work-life balance is so important.


What motivates me the most is helping others access amazing products that really make a difference. There are so many people who want good products and we can offer them, whether you are an esthetician or not. To get others to feel good from the inside out and from the outside in is a passion of mine. Nu Skin gave me the ability to see the bigger picture as an esthetician; that the inside is as important as the outside. Our face is the business card for how we feel on the inside. Nu Skin has also made me work on being patient. There’s no quick fix, every little step forward is building your business. Aim big, be happy, open and help others, and you will eventually succeed.


My most memorable moment with Nu skin was when myself and Fredrik and the rest of the team went to Provo and were greeted at Nu Skin's headquarters. Dr. Joe Chang came up to us with ageLOC ME, a product no one had seen before and showed it to me and the team. It’s a skin therapist’s dream to be able to provide customised skincare through ageLOC. It was huge! To get where you want to go, it's important to know what you want. Again, be patient, because what you do now plants a seed which in the long run will give a good harvest. A harvest can also be destroyed for one reason or another. Then just start over; you know what you did the last time, do it again, and you will see results.


Make both short-term and long-term goals.

First take a look at how much time you can spend time every day to accomplish your goals. It can be different from day to day. Also, write down what to do at the same time. Set up goals that you can manage, so you don't lose energy along the way. It might be just ONE thing you do each day; but you must do it!

Set goals for the month, then for the week, and then day by day. The most important thing is to follow up on your goals every single day. Tick the boxes for what you have done and praise yourself for having been good and completed what you have written as a goal. Since you don't have a manager to give you continuous feedback, you must do it yourself. If there’s anything you haven't done on your daily list of goals, be sure to do it before you go to bed. When you write down your goals and then follow up, that's when you see what you’re actually doing! It is just as important to follow up with your customers as it is to follow up on your own goals. To maintain your goals, make sure it becomes a daily routine. Also, write down how you are going to celebrate when you achieve your goals and objectives.


Of course, there are ups and downs in this business as there are in life.
It’s important to keep in mind:

If you have no downs, there will be no ups.

What you have learned over the years is to help others, but do not do the job for them.

You want them to succeed so much and sometimes more than what they want themselves. So, it’s important to not get too disappointed when it is not going as you thought it would. Have an open mind, be open to new contacts, listen twice as much as you talk and be interested in the one you listen and talk to. Of course, I’ve had my doubts and the thought of giving up, but I always had the spark and glow that said ‘fight, fight, you WILL reach your goal and your dreams’! Imagine what a small comment from another person can do to encourage you. At an event in Marbella, I talked to a woman who I see as a great role model and leader from another market. They talked about Nu Skin's wonderful products. She looked me straight in the eye and said; Anette, you really love Nu Skin products and you know they work, but I see that you don't trust yourself 100%. When you do, you will become a Team Elite. Those words stuck. She saw that I didn’t believe in myself fully, which got me thinking about – and working on – my self-esteem and confidence! That is what is so incredibly cool with Nu skin, we help each other to succeed!

To expand her business, I follow up with her customers, showing them the products and continuing to sign up new people. My advice is; follow up with your customers every month, ask them what they think about the products they’ve received, ask if they want to try some other products. Talk about what's in the assortment and showcase new launches. Calling a customer takes more time than an SMS or messenger, but it usually gives a new order and very loyal customers.


Take the time to tell them about ADR, it is an incredible tool for you as an entrepreneur. Be responsive to what people around you say and need, Nu Skin has everything, both in terms of products and business opportunities.


It’s important to lead by example.


Be happy, open and positive.


Be grateful for the small things, because life is in the details!


A BIG THANK YOU to my upline who didn’t take no for an answer. Thanks to my husband Fredrik for having patience with me and thanks to Nu Skin and all the great colleagues around Europe who give so much inspiration and energy!





May 2019





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