Natalia Przybylska Hansson

Natalia Przybylska Hansson


I am Natalia Przybylska-Hansson and I would like to share my Nu Skin adventure with you.


Since childhood, I wanted to find a job that could become my passion. I was looking for a business where I could be my own boss and inspire others to be independent, to live their lives in harmony with fantastic, creative energy. I wanted to find a business that I could fall in love with.


The mission statement of my company, Investor Capital, was to help people start their own business with the support of a solid and strong partner. However, it was the traditional way of doing business known to all entrepreneurs with its many hurdles and obstacles. In 2009, one of my husband’s friends introduced him to the Nu Skin business opportunity and my husband shared that knowledge with me. At that time, I was far from enthusiastic, but time went by and Joakim did not give up. He kept on talking about some revolutionary technology that could potentially be huge, so I finally gave in and had a look. And when I read the corporate brochure, travelled to different conferences and got to know the soul of the company, I fell head over heels in love with this concept!


I understood that with Nu Skin you could create leveraged income and build financial stability for generations to come. Since October 2009, my passion is to show others the mechanics of the products and enthuse them with the Nu Skin spirit. The company’s culture and the Nourish the Children initiative were the factors that got me on board. I knew that with such a powerhouse as a partner, we would create our own international empire. It has been 14 months and I never looked back with regret on my decision. I wish that all people could see what Joakim and I saw and choose Nu Skin as their key to success. We are very aware that when it comes to creating income with ageLOC, the sky is the limit…