Ilona Mária Bánházi

Ilona Mária Bánházi


The fact that you are reading these lines means that you are in the seeking phase; you are looking for opportunities to read about successful people, so that you yourself can be free like them!


I started my Nu Skin® business at the age of 23; and now, at 29, I am a rich retired person…. When I first heard about Nu Skin® in August 2004, in a district of my hometown Nagyvárad, I was sitting in the car of my mentor Ottó Balogh. I had always known that network marketing would eventually make me successful, and when Ottó started speaking, this feeling struck me again. That’s it! Ottó spoke differently than ever before. You should have seen his eyes; the air was vibrant because he was planning to do something great and I would not be left out of it…


So, that is when the greatest rock ’n’ roll era of my life began; and it is still continuing. Why do I refer to it this way? Well, because if you have had an average life but plan to do the Nu Skin® business with great intensity, you are guaranteed not to be bored. This is the opportunity for the really courageous ones. It is for those who want to become creators, who want to establish something that carries meaning the following day as well. We are creating history here... It is a wonderful journey and it is only up to you how long it is going to last. So let's begin this journey.


In September 2004, my sponsor and I went to the first Károly Váczy open session. I did not understand much. All I knew was that you had to become an Executive. What I saw in Kari’s eyes was a vision and that was good enough for me.


I started at the age of 23. People older than me did not really take me seriously. In other words, I did not have much credibility. I had little life experience and no entrepreneurial background. My parents did give me somewhat strange looks when I announced I would no longer pursue to become a professional doctor. I was supposed to become a doctor like my mother and brother. Instead, I said I found a way to make people healthier, free and happier at the same time.


I was a student, so I started this business with 50 Euros. I had no phone, I had no car, but I had something that was much more valuable: I had a big dream; and of course, my mentor’s belief in me. The only way I can express how thankful I am for this is by teaching millions of people how to reach success!


This business gives you everything. I met László Juhász thanks to Nu Skin®, who is an amazing leader! He has been my partner since March 2007, and we have lived together ever since. Our goal is to build a Nu Skin® empire, which means we also save a lot of lives.


This business is my life. Thanks to the strong background of Nu Skin® – S7S as Nathan Ricks puts it – now, at 29, I have found myself and I enjoy life. I am a “rich pensioner”. I have business associates in numerous countries, including Romania, Hungary, Austria… and who knows how many other countries will still follow.


What I have also received is continuous development in training sessions, true friends and a huge, real and ethical team. They are my second family. I truly love them! Therefore, as long as I will breathe, I will create free people with the help of the Nu Skin® opportunity and the most effective S7S training system.


I am extremely thankful to my up-lines, to Norbert Balogh, to my mentor Ottó Balogh, to Károly Váczy, to great-hearted Kenton Worthington and Nathan Ricks. I would like to thank my down-lines with who we can create and represent true value. To my team: it will fill me with great pride to, one day, read your success stories here…


”Faith means believing in what you cannot see. As a reward of this belief, you will see what you believe in.”


With love and respect,

Ilona Mária Bánházi