Alice & Jan Ove

Alice & Jan Ove


Jan’s story


In April 2000, a work colleague invited me to look at a business opportunity. My time at the transport and logistics company I was working at was maxed out, so I decided to make this a priority and agreed to take part of a business presentation done by Carleric Lindstrom. The decision to attend the presentation was the best decision I have ever made in my life. After 3.5 hours, I was sold on this opportunity. A new door of possibilities opened.


The day after, I signed up as a Nu Skin Distributor and started my qualification to become an Executive. Four months later, I achieved the title; and I have been one ever since then. This new lifestyle has given me many good moments, as well as challenges. My aim was to always find the solutions to continue my journey towards my goals.


One of the most important things I learned is that knowledge and education are key factors if you want to achieve your goals. Education for knowledge has gone hand-in-hand with our process to achieve more and more of our goals. Knowledge is like climbing a mountain; the higher you reach, the more you can see and appreciate.


This has made a solid fundament to build our business further: Knowledge + Faith + Action = Result. In 2002, I met Alice; and the year after, we became life partners and business partners. We have made many new friends through this business. The numbers of friends has exploded the last years and our future looks great.


As a result of the Nu Skin Business and the knowledge we have gained through this business, we have done the necessary things that give us optimum health and wellness. And, all this is happening because we are helping other people. We understand that this is just the beginning and look forward to the next years with curiosity and optimism. One of our quotes: be an active part in helping the world become a better place for everybody.



Alice’s story


On 16 March 2002, I was on holiday skiing in Hemsedal in Norwayn where I happened to meet a complete stranger: Jan Ove, who later became my life partner. We looked at life in the same way – with passion for preventive health. He was already a Nu Skin® Executive at the time.


On 26 July 2002, I became a Nu Skin® Distributor as a product enthusiast because of the incredible effects on my health and looks. Until then, I had been working as a Registered Nurse from 1979. I also decided to go to the Convention in Salt Lake City in the States two months later. It made such an impact on me that it changed my life forever. After a while I saw a much bigger opportunity to help others toward T.H.E. Freedom (Time, Health and Economic Freedom). Without understanding much of the business, but simply to recommend these incredible products to others, I became Executive in December 2002.


In the autumn of 2004, we had the privilege of trying out the power of using the BioPhotonic® Scanner in the supplement market. The result was that in the launch month of January 2005, we qualified for our own BioPhotonic® Scanner as one of two distributorships in Norway. And, what a tool in this market! Our business grew even faster, with the result that we qualified for Malta and later for the Ruby Trip. What an inspiration!


Over these few years, we have invested our time and money to attend more or less all seminars and conventions in Norway, Europe and USA. We lead by example. We now see the results of our work; and our leaders who did the same, have had great results. When you participate in the seminars and conventions, you develop strong self-confidence. When other people in our organisation do the same, the organisation will be strong and solid. Our journey has gone from Executives through Ruby and Emerald to Diamond, and now as Blue Diamond Executives. This is because we have helped others start on their journey towards becoming Executives or more.


We have exciting days in front of us and on our way to this point in point in time, we had tough times – with 2007 as the most difficult year. A private personal tragedy beyond our belief hit us. We are getting through this period because we have always developed our mind-set by reading good books and listening to successful people. Over the years, this created a certain mind-set, so that we “never, ever quit”. Because if we got through 2007, we can overcome anything. When the day is over, ask yourself and note if you really feel you have made a Difference Demonstrated. Last piece of advice: Go the extra mile! Today, every day, always!