Aksenova Larisa

Aksenova Larisa


I became acquainted with Nu Skin long before the company launched in Russia. Ten years ago, I read Richard Po's book: The Third Wave in which he spoke about the new economic miracle – thousands of people reaching financial freedom by creating their own businesses. Half of the examples in the book pertained to Nu Skin – and many people who became millionaires due to the Nu Skin business opportunity. These were people with different education, experience and income level. The only thing that unites them was Nu Skin and their great desire to make their lives better: to have more spare time and money to lead a full life, travel and spend more time with their families.

When I was invited to join Nu Skin, I felt as if my dreams were finally coming true. At that time, I was not familiar with Nu Skin’s products, but came to the simple conclusion that any company which have such a history and reputation must have great products. And when I actually started working with Nu Skin, I gradually came to learn everything. The result was greater than my expectations and I was amazed with their effectiveness!


Every year, people around the world spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Botox injections, various fillers, mesotherapy, laser rejuvenation and plastic surgery. They are very expensive and painful procedures that can offer very unexpected results – we all heard stories about unsuccessful experiments done on TV stars.  The ageLOC Galvanic Spa is a wonderful technology which does professional, inexpensive spa treatments accessible to everyone. It is the iPod for beauty and youth which enjoys wide popularity all over the world.


ageLOC is a unique technology which targets the sources of youth. This latest discovery developed by Nu Skin’s scientists allows us not only to look, but also feel, like 20 to 25 year olds, giving us youthful energy, stamina and vitality.

When I decided to join Nu Skin, I wanted to earn more money and have more spare time for my hobbies and travelling. And, so it happened that Nu Skin itself became my hobby – it’s a great pleasure to do shop-therapy with Nu Skin, enjoy it’s advanced, effective and easy-to-use technologies, present them to my family and friends. And the most important, share this knowledge and help people who are really interested, to improve their lives and get more of it. I love to meet new people, make new friends and work with great and positive people, help them to reach their goals and become more successful.


This business is a team business, only the team of the strong, committed and positive people creates potential for success and is capable to reach it. Therefore, the word "TEAM" often is explained as “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

One of the most important qualities which is vital for success is to be coachable. To become a professional, you have to learn a lot. You cannot make it by only reading books, through the Internet or visiting trainings once or twice a month. It is necessary to find yourself the best teacher – someone who knows precisely what to do, and also can and will teach you all the secrets of his skills.


For me, Gary Wattenberg became such a teacher. I thank him for his help, support and perfect system of training me and my great team to become successful. We started working with his system in 2008 – and immediately got great result! Now I have hundreds of business partners and thousands of customers in my team. In my team, new partners receive a complete training course – from the simplest first steps up to individual leader’s training using the system of Gary Wattenberg. An ability and desire to study are the most important things for this purpose.

The best leaders are those who always study and attend all the possible courses and trainings: personal growth, goal setting, time management, business negotiations and many others. The real leaders don't save on training because they know: the best investments are investments in their professional education. They become stronger, more self-confident – and everybody around notice this transformation. They are engaged in charity and participate in the programme: Nourish the Children. We have noticed one interesting thing: those who are engaged in charity work, become more successful in business! The real leaders know precisely, what they want and are committed to their goals, despite all the obstacles, sceptics, pessimists and idlers who appear on their way to success. On the way to their goals they will not be stopped by rain, heat, traffic jams, absence of a computer, money or time. They don't dream – they make plans. Where others see a problem, they see the possibility. 

The real leaders are positive. They study, work and communicate easily and with pleasure and they attract positive and interesting partners. Each leader in our team has a bright and strong personality, a real Blue Diamond.

Dear Leaders and new partners who do the first steps in our beautiful and very human business, I wish you great success, a lot of fun, thousands of new friends all over the world, which you will make doing this business! With all my heart, I thank you for your help and support, wisdom, persistence, humour, the positive relation to life and your care of your partners. I  am extremely grateful to Gary Wattenberg – the great person, whose knowledge, wisdom, support, patience and magnificent system of business allow our leaders to achieve success and expand their potential as much as possible.

Huge gratitude to the Nu Skin team of managers who provide excellent work and a warm, sincere atmosphere in our comfortable and cosy office, quickly and effectively solve all the problems and help us every day. I wish all of you health, wealth, good luck and great success, best business partners, turn your dreams into the goals, the goals – come true, enjoy every day in this business, have fun, make a lot of money and get your life in your own hands. With Nu Skin you can have all of this and much more!