Jitka Pšejová

Jitka Pšejová

Jitka Pšejová

To tell the truth, I started with Nu Skin by sheer accident. At the time, I was doing my Master’s degree in Media Studies and worked as a Production Manager, which I enjoyed very much. The main reason was that I could be in contact with interesting people, I roamed around the arts and I had a feeling that it would help me to create something great.


I had this relentless feeling already at an early age that I was wasting my time, that my life was slipping through my fingers, and that if I did not change something, I would not achieve anything in life. The main reason why I decided to start my journey with Nu Skin is because it will help me leave something behind and create value. I admire Czech benefactor of art Meda Mladkova and I would like to follow her footsteps. My dream is to promote Czech artists, painters, fashion designers or clever projects that will help to create a better and more effective education of our country. And for that, I need two things: time and money. Or more precisely, I need a lot of money. The contacts are not the problem. And normally, by having a 9 to 5 job, I could never make it happen. And to believe that I would marry well and become rich is unacceptable for me.


I feel so grateful and happy at the same time that this opportunity came my way. Nu Skin is a great tool to create the life of my dreams. For me, it is a possibility of absolute freedom in everything I do, e.g. travel wherever I want, for as long as I want, buy what I like and think what other valuable things I can create without ever having to worry if I can afford it, either because of time or finance.


A motto that is true of this business is “you have made your bed, now lie in it". The second motto, which I can absolutely confirm is "the harder I work, the luckier I get“. The third motto that is true to my life is "think big and have fun achieving it". Everything is in our head. I was sorry for a while at the beginning that I did not have such cool people around me like I used to when I worked as Production Manager. And then I thought to myself, why not do the opposite. Why not start working together with the coolest ones. So I set a goal to have the most stylish and best-looking team that will also be smart, will do the business with all their heart and to the fullest. And thus making the right advertisement for Nu Skin. And I can say that these things are happening and I cannot wonder enough how great the people I work with and how dynamic the business I manage to build.


The thing I enjoy the most with Nu Skin is the fact that there is no limit, both in terms of borders and money. You can have customers in Japan and you do not need to speak Japanese and also you do not have any limit as to how much money you want to make in this business. What fills me with absolute inner peace is the fair offer for everyone. We all start from scratch and we have the same earning potential.


I have worked with Nu Skin for over two and a half years. I became Ruby Executive in a year, and half year later I became Emerald. This is only the beginning of the journey; it is time to move ahead... I have a vision in my head until 2027! The greatest experience on top of the Ruby Trip to the USA was the Global Convention in Salt Lake City, where I realised that this business is just at the beginning in Europe compared to Asia. I saw the size of the business, high level of professionalism and its immense possibilities. But mostly, I saw the heart of the company. That culture. Those people. That vision. And I realised that nothing is slipping through my fingers. It is quite the opposite. That I am sitting on the right chair at the right time. And that great things are ahead of me and the best is yet to come... Let’s kick it!


Jitka Pšejová-, Emerald Executive, Czech Republic