Rebecca and Benoît Patrix

Rebecca and Benoît Patrix


Hello Rebecca and Benoît, you recently became Emerald Executives.

Could you tell us who you are and what your background is?

We live in Reims in France and we have 2 children aged 5 and 6 months. After studying International Trade, I worked for 10 years in Paris as a Business Manager and Sales Manager. Benoît is a translator-interpreter. He regularly interprets with great pleasure at Nu Skin® events. This is his way to get involved in the adventure.


What did you do before starting your Nu Skin® business and why did you decided to start?

I like to undertake. When one is employed, he follows. When one is the boss, he chooses. This idea has always motivated me to do business.


Three years ago, to the day, when I started doing business with Nu Skin®, I was a manager of a small company. My business was new and I did not know what the economic situation would be. When starting with Nu Skin®, I took a serenity insurance. I wanted to increase my income and create a patrimony. I did well, as the economic situation has not improved in recent years. With Nu Skin®, I was able to continue to live with the resources I needed and implement projects.


How was your start with Nu Skin®?

It is a wonderful memory. I quickly recognised myself in the action and the values: give to receive. I must say that I have a rock-solid sponsor: Maximilien Piccinini, Team Elite and Nourish the Children® (NTC) Chief Ambassador. He and his wife Hanna quickly inspired me with success. I thank them very much for believing in me and having regularly came from Nice to Reims to support our team in the beginning.


I quickly realised that there was something other than the sale of products. I found the networking activity absolutely exciting and rewarding. I became a group leader in 5 weeks and a Lapis a few weeks thereafter. And this, while working only a few hours a week as my main activity was taking me a lot of time. I quickly appreciated the leverage. My bank account too. Then I stayed Lapis for 2 years. It was a real journey through the desert. Numerous frustrations. Then suddenly, I went from Lapis to Emerald in 5 months.


What helped you take off?

It took me two years to really understand the business. I learned a lot about myself. Change takes time. And when I had enough to have enough, I made a real decision. I knew in my heart that the lifestyle offered by the Nu Skin® opportunity was made for me. I had the courage to close my business. I was sure to succeed by focusing on my true goals. This was no failure.


Another important factor was that we recently had the honour of welcoming Lena and Carl Westberg in Reims, Team Elite, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member and NTC Chief Ambassadors. The confidence that sponsors express in their team is critical to their success. My thanks go to Carl and Lena for the impact they had. I will remember it for a long time.


What are the most frequently encountered difficulties?

Rejection! However, this is no longer an obstacle. It has become normal. When a person says "No", I take it well. Because that person pushes me to still move forward. It is rather positive, so I thank this person and remain focused on my goals.


And now, why do you continue with Nu Skin®?

We decided to have a second child that is now 6 months old. In the current financial climate, responsibilities and stress of a traditional business, we would never have dared to launch ourselves. This business allows us to think big. This is very new to me and this dream makes me feel good. I often got quickly bored of my previous jobs. Now, I can take on a limitless challenge and aim to achieve the wildest projects.


My dream is to reach the Blue Diamond pin title as a team. It's so exciting! I have complete confidence that my team is part of the next Blue Diamonds of France and Europe.


What advice would you give to someone who now starts his Nu Skin® business?

 I'm still too young in the business to give advice. I'd say go for it, but do not forget to dream! This is the key!


From the bottom of my heart, I thank our customers and Distributors who have already trusted us, the founders of Nu Skin® for their tremendous initiative, and the whole Nu Skin® EMEA team.