Marianna Horvathova

Marianna Horvathova

Marianna Horvathova

I was born into a poor Polish family, we were 11 children. When I was growing up, there was a strong desire inside of me to get out of poverty. I started working when I was 12. While studying, I had to take on part time jobs to earn money for buying clothes. When I turned 18, I moved to Czech Republic to work and help my parents. There I also got married and gave birth to three beautiful children: Robert, Iveta and Ladislava. And today, I have two beautiful grandchildren.


For a while I was working as a professional driver. After the Velvet Revolution in Czech Republic, I was happy that I finally had a chance to start my own business. I have the “Polish business blood”. I didn’t want to work for others’ dreams any longer but for my own! I finally could accomplish what I had been dreaming about since childhood.


So I started to work in gastronomy and built up a luxurious restaurant - two saloons and one room for a disco. Unfortunately, everything was with big loans. I had no time and no money. There were many competitions, so I ended up in bankruptcy. My business and stress gave me a serious illness and later on a divorce. I was at the bottom and I felt hopeless without anything.


Nu Skin knocked on my door in 2008 when I was enjoying my retirement. I was excited about the great technology of the ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II. I think that God sent Nu Skin into my life. I am glad that Nu Skin has crossed my path and I can share this chance with other people. That altogether we can influence the way we are getting old. We can be beautiful, healthy and also financially independent. We have our youth in our hands. Thanks to these unique technologies and the company which has such a great business plan, many people can fulfil their desires and dreams. This company pays its Distributors fair commissions for their hard work.


At my first “Success Olympics” in Hungary in 2008, I had the Sales Compensation Plan explained to me and it was then that I realised this company is the one I had been waiting for my whole life! My start in the Czech market was not easy at all though. It was very hard and it hurt a lot. I was alone, just with faith in my heart that “I can do it”. My sponsors went the other way and I stayed alone just with a few people. There were five of us who decided that Czech Republic will become the biggest market in Eastern Europe.


Nu Skin has influenced my life incredibly and I can influence other people’s lives. And it’s a cycle that keeps going on and on. I love demonstrating this difference. My heart and soul are telling me: “Come, no worries, here is your freedom! Give me your hand and I will show you the way.”


I’m thankful that I could work with such a company, which means for me these four words: Love, faith, hope, freedom!


I love NU SKIN with all my heart and soul!