Fa De Brabanter

Fa De Brabanter


Hello, my name is Fa (Fabienne) De Brabanter. My unusual professional path had me living in Paris for a few years, the city I love, where I was working as a catering manager and a consultant! I'm the mother of a beautiful 18-year old young woman and an 18-month old baby! Three years ago, I listened to my heart and returned to my hometown, Mons, Belgium! With my partner, I opened a wellness centre. Eight months ago, my upline came to my centre to introduce me to the opportunity. Financially, I was going through hard times, so I understood that Nu Skin® was going to change everything! I didn't think that my life would completely change as well!

I started with the business a few weeks before the Success Summit in Cannes where it suddenly clicked in my mind. Since then, my "why" is powerful, my goals are well defined and with each step I take, my network gets stronger, thanks to the help of my upline! In eight months, I’ve become an Emerald and my organisation is extraordinary! We’ve built a business centre where Distributors from my organisation, as well as my upline and crossline, receive quality training.

Besides the unique opportunity Nu Skin® offered me, I get the feeling that every day I'm accomplishing something wonderful and strong. I'm helping my partners and customers and I'm changing their lives!

Nu Skin® is a company with a big heart. Nourish the Children® (NTC) made me realise that I absolutely needed to be a force for good around me. Africa is a continent I like, my partner is half Congolese and so naturally, I'm fighting every day for these different initiatives with determination and creativity! I'm very proud to be a NTC Ambassador.

I think I was really lucky to find Nu Skin® on my way...