Diana von Keitz

Diana von Keitz


At first, I had been sceptical when I was introduced to the ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II in 2011. As my husband is an orthopaedist and a sports physician, I knew that galvanic currents are used in the medical field. So, my husband and I were immediately interested in this device. During the next few months, my family and I tried a number of Nu Skin® products. The results were impressive, and the quality of these products managed to convince us. In the next step, my husband and I thought about the right business model, because we quickly realised that this opportunity offers a huge potential. I was looking for a new business perspective anyway after my job situation had changed. And so, I saw Nu Skin® as a gift sent from heaven.


Meanwhile, we have built a great team and reached the Emerald pin-title, which made us qualify for a Nu Skin® car within the German Mobility Project. I will never forget the moment when I received the key to a brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulietta in front of about 1,000 people, during the German Kick-Off Meeting in January 2012!

Nu Skin® offers the possibility to work with people who you like and appreciate, and to enrich other people's lives by helping to improve their appearance and quality of life. This is a fascinating experience – every single day.


But even though Nu Skin® offers great opportunities, you still have to work hard. Only those people who are really committed will succeed. We think that to become successful it is critical to attain very good product knowledge and to identify yourself with the products. The training and development of our Distributors has the highest priority, because their success ensures our success.



As our planning covers a time period of five years, we can easily overcome temporary setbacks - we simply continue. What I like most is that I can work together with my husband. We support each other and combine our different strengths which is probably one of the key contributors to our success. Realising what we have accomplished in such a short time, I am curious to see where we and our team will be in 4 years.



We can only recommend to everyone: Get started now!




Diana von Keitz and Dag Steeger von Keitz