Carl and Lena

Carl and Lena


Carl and Lena Westberg are 1 Star Team Elite Platinum from Sweden, currently doing business in 47 different countries. "Anybody can do this…if they want to. What you need to ask yourself is: 'What do you want to get out of it?' The “why” is more important than the “how”. You continue learning over time. To get started and achieve success, you just need to follow the basic steps: get to know the company, start using the products, and make a list of who you will contact. Don't try to reinvent the wheel!" Carl and Lena suggests. They have been Team Elites for seven years, and last year they achieved the title of 1 Star Team Elite Platinum by growing their organisational volume as well as their number of Executives. "It is the goals that will take you over the valleys, because there are dips along the way," Lena says.


Following the four “Be's” has helped this couple grow their business; create freedom and security for themselves and their three children.

The four “Be's” are:

·          Be focused

·          Be persistent

·          Be generous

·          Be positive!

Carl and Lena are online with the future. We hope and look forward to seeing even more accounts grow their organisations and achieve the title of Team Elite Platinum in the time to come.