Ingeborg Seielstad

Ingeborg Seielstad


Ingeborg always dreamt of being able to decide how she spends her time. A heir to a big family farm in Gausdal, she and her siblings had a wonderful childhood surrounded by a lot of people and wide open space. This was all how she wanted it to be except for the fact that if she had taken over the farm, she would have to work all of the time. Then she wouldn’t have any time left to see friends and family, to travel and experience the world.  After she was introduced to Nu Skin, she felt like she had found the last piece of the puzzle and knew immediately that this was what she wanted to do.


The biggest motivation Ingeborg had was to earn enough money in order to take her family travelling, anytime and anywhere. Her other motivations are that she wanted to do something good for other people. To be able to help make every day better for as many people as possible, both locally and internationally. Her local focus is first and foremost on people who are lonely. She wanted the time to be able to do things for them. Nu Skin has helped her change her mind-set so that this is actually possible. She finds it motivating that she can help change people’s quality of life, both with skincare and supplements.

However, as with any business there are challenges. People doubt the products, the company, the compensation plan, but most of all themselves.  From Day 1, you need to be aware that nobody can get in the way of your desire to make it in this business. Nobody but you can determine if you succeed or not. Look for those people who are motivated to do this, because your job is not to motivate them to succeed. They should already have the desire in themselves!

To keep her business growing, Ingeborg talks to people and creates contacts. It’s important to be open and welcoming, to be interested in other people and to ask them questions, follow up via telephone and personal meetings. However, if  you have a large part of your group far away it can be a challenge to make it work with work and family. But a lot of the business can be done by Skype or telephone – it’s important to keep in contact with the group once or twice a week, and make sure this is mirrored.


To achieve her goals, Ingeborg felt that they needed to be measurable and obtainable. One needs to have a 3-month goal, a 6-month goal, a 1-year goal, a 3-year goal and a 5-year goal. These goals need to be concise and challenging. The goals need to be written down and read every day – that way you are always reminded why you are doing this. Why you have to answer the phone calls, why you have to leave the house in the evenings, why you have to go that extra mile. Of course, it can be nice to stay on the sofa all day but if you do this every day, you’ll never see a change in your life.


The Nu Skin life gives you the chance to partake in an incredible journey, which offers both personal development and the opportunity to meet new and exciting people, and make good friends across countries and borders. This life is exciting in every way – if you accept the challenges that come, you will have a very exciting life.