Warren van Zyl

Warren van Zyl


I joined Nu Skin in October 2012. I was first impressed by the science. Having been part of the Sharks rugby medical team for many years, I was impressed by the Blue Bulls rugby franchise endorsing the Pharmanex products and Nu Skin becoming the official nutritional sponsor for the Blue Bulls in October 2012.


In December 2012, I became an Executive, 4 months later, a Ruby and then an Emerald a month later.


The support from our local head office in South Africa has been fantastic and Nu Skin USA in Provo, Utah has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. They are all very professional and any questions or issues are very quickly and efficiently dealt with.


After owning my own business for 18 years, I realised that I needed to look for a business that creates leverage and passive income. I want to spend time with my two young boys as they enter high school and have the time to be at all their sporting events and school activities.


When I attend my Ruby Trip in September 2013, I will be able to travel for the first time knowing I have passive income while I am away.


The key to success with Nu Skin is the Difference Demonstrated. The company has wonderful tools to demonstrate the results we all desire. The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner has been key to my success at Nu Skin.


Nu Skin is at a very exciting time in South Africa and worldwide. It is gaining huge momentum and with TR90, the first programme ever to target the internal and external sources of weight management set to be introduced in October 2013, the response is going to be massive! This is the perfect time to jump on board and join Nu Skin, and share and enjoy the success!


All the best and good health from Durban, South Africa!


Warren van Zyl