Inmaculada Martinez Lopez & Juan José Caparrós Hernandez


We are Inmaculada (38) and Juan José (43) and we’re from Cartagena.


We have always been entrepreneurs. We started in commerce and in the hotel industry. Now I am the owner of a beauty parlor and my husband has his own business as electrician.


My beauty business has been active for more than 12 years and no matter how much I tried to innovate back then, and find new methods for beauty treatments and weight loss, I could never achieve the results I get now with ageLOC. Nu Skin has made my beauty business revive. I work with new energy now because I know we will get the results we are looking for.


My story starts in Colombia. I was there on a trip and was invited by Andrés Londoño to a demo with the Galvanic Spa device. I wasn't interested at all, but I went to the appointment out of politeness. When I arrived in Andrés' beauty salon, Diana Fandiño was there too. I asked her about the device and when she showed it to me I didn't like it at all, because I thought it was a home treatment, and in my business I have very costly industrial equipment. Diana invited me to the meeting that they organised to welcome Alan Nagao and Paty Acosta. I thought: "Well, let's see what this is all about".
(Since the beginning, I have always received a lot of help and support from Paty and Diana. Thank you.)


The hotel where their meeting took place was far away from mine, which I didn't much like because it felt like a waste of time. But they used the instrument on my right arm, which is very flaccid and gives me quite a complex.


Then they started to explain about the Sales Compensation Plan explanation, but since I wasn’t interested in that, I left the hotel. When I said goodbye to Diana, she told me to look into it and advised me to check Nu Skin's website. She gave me a username and password. But I did not know anything else.

After searching the Internet for more than 20 days to find out if there was anything dishonest, I actually found it interesting. I started calling Isabelle Plessers and Miguel Lobato. They helped me all they could over the telephone and that's how I decided to start my adventure with Nu Skin.

Today, my life and the life of my family has changed. The most important thing is knowing that I am helping people to feel better. But above all, I am helping lots of people achieve a better financial independence, especially seeing the current situation of this country (Spain). Nu Skin has given me more will to work, because every day I feel I’m helping more people. And the company is rewarding me for it, making me even more proud. My future and the future of my people is with Nu Skin.


My advice for those who are just starting with Nu Skin is to talk to people. Talk to everybody you meet on the road and show them. That's what makes this business grow. We have to pass the message that this company which we are part of, Nu Skin, is the best company to be part of because it has a heart and humanity, and it really cares about its Distributors. Thanks to all those who helped us on our way.


Inma and Juanjo