Henda Pretorius

Henda Pretorius



I was introduced to Nu Skin’s products as an adjunct to the weight-loss programmes I offered as a Life Coach.  Initially I had no intention of becoming involved in the business, but very quickly the products and opportunity inspired me to the extent that I simply had to share it.  Thanks to my exceptional team I became a Ruby Executive five months after becoming an Executive.  That took my commitment and excitement to a whole new level.


The way Nu Skin improves lives is my motivation. Whether it is the products that increase someone’s quality of life, the business that unlocks dreams or being a part of a Force for Good. When Divine destiny meets an opportunity like Nu Skin, numbers of lives are touched.  Furthermore I am surrounded by giants who inspire me to up my game daily – I salute you!


Each person needs to figure out what they want to achieve through a super-successful Nu Skin business and money is not the answer.  What will money bring to your life? Is it time with your loved ones, the opportunity to travel, financial freedom or starting a charity? That vision will be your driving force.  Combine those exciting goals with a detailed plan and consistent action and you will amaze yourself.