Eva-Maria Tan


The first time I heard of Nu Skin® was on a plane. After my husband died, I was living in Spain. During a return flight I sat next to a very neat lady. When I asked her what she was doing to look so great, she told me about her exciting experience with the ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II.


I was a bit sceptical. My husband and I had run a medical practice for 25 years. So, I use to be reluctant towards any cosmetical promises about the effectiveness of a product. However, due to our holistic approach in our practice, I have always known of the galvanic current. After the plane had landed, my curiosity prevailed over my scepticism. I decided to give this “marvellous thing” a chance and ordered it spontaneously.


After the shipment arrived a few days later, the lady told me that the company and the ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II were also a great business opportunity. But I wasn’t interested in pursuing such an opportunity at that time. So, I just used the device for myself for  a year and a half until I moved back to Germany. And with my return to Germany, my wish to work again grew continuously.


However, there were only very limited chances to find a good job considering my age of over 50 years. I did not want to work again in the medical field where I would be confronted with illness every day. And as someone who was independent most of the time of my life, a normal job as an employee was not an option. That was my dilemma.


My friends tried to reassure me by saying that I just needed to reduce my expectations on my professional activity, so that the problem will resolve itself. And then I suddenly remembered the words of the lady I had met on the plane. So I started to dedicate myself to learning everything about Nu Skin®, its products and the sales compensation plan. I was and I am still excited.


With the unique ageLOC® technology, Nu Skin® advances to a pioneer in the anti-ageing industry – one of the biggest trend markets of the future. To me, the business model offers full flexibility along with entrepreneurial activity that is unparalleled in the world.


In former times, I would have felt inconvenient to drive a car with advertising on it. But today, I am proud to be the first owner of an official Nu Skin® car in Hamburg. I would particularly like to thank my upline, Manuela Stengel, my great team and Nu Skin Germany for their great Mobility Project.


Best regards from Hamburg,


Eva-Maria Tan