Samir & Paula Jamal

Samir and Paula Jamal

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Prior to joining Nu Skin, Samir worked as a Business Consultant in Mozambique, away from the family and Paula was a kindergarten teacher. Samir was first presented with the Nu Skin opportunity on Skype and was impressed with the company and its go-to-market strategy. Paula came on board 3 months after Samir started the business.


Our dream is to be free with no bosses and to have plenty of quality time for ourselves and our daughters; things we never thought were possible before Nu Skin.


Our biggest motivations are our daughters, family and the future. We learned a lot and discovered skills that we didn’t know we had. Also, we are no longer sceptical about skin care and nutrition, instead we have become more aware about ageing healthier and we transfer this to our daughters.

We believe that it is important to put our goals in writing because it will not only force us to clarify what we want, but also motivate us to take action, provide a roadmap for other opportunities, help us to overcome resistance and enable us to see – and celebrate – our progress. However, like in any other business, you will always have setbacks, constant challenges, frustrations, self-doubts; consider quitting… although, in our case, quitting is not an option!


When we started our business there wasn’t a Nu Skin Portuguese website, no translated Product Information Pages (PIPs) and very few products were available in our market. No friends and family support… and our immediate uplines were from Barcelona and USA. We had every reason not to move forward BUT, our WHY, our confidence in our capabilities, in Nu Skin and its products were so high that we just had to do it. We trained ourselves by reading, watching videos, calling Nu Skin support and skyping with our uplines.


We try to lead by example. We share our story with our teams. Always be positive. We look to each member of our team as if they were us, when we started the business, and we help them grow their confidence in themselves, in the business, until they become autonomous. We had cases that took a few weeks and others a few months. In the process… always have fun. Once we heard someone saying “If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right!” So true!

Success comes as part of what you do on a daily basis. Yes there were times when we thought we might not be successful. But when these occurred, we “paused” and did a brainstorm of what we were not doing! Yes, it is easier to blame “others” for your own failure, but it is the wrong thing to do.


At the Marbella Success Summit in 2015, Nathan Ricks said something like: “if you close your mouth, your business closes!”  So that’s basically what we do. We are proud of what we do; we love what we do, so why not tell the world?


If you are ashamed, maybe you should go back to the basics and work on your confidence.


These are the steps we teach others in our organisation to help them to become successful:


Duplication - Don’t just do what we tell you to do.

Do what WE do! – Better yet, LET’S DO IT TOGETHER.


In Portuguese, we have the following saying "Roma e Pavia não se fizeram num dia", which means "Rome and Pavia weren't built in one day" or big projects take time and are made one step at a time. This helps us focus on our primary goal every day! For us, quitting will never be an option!